10 Things You Didn’t Know About Birthday Boy Adam Levine! (@adamlevine)

(photo source: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)
(photo source: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)
(photo source: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

From his band’s ability to throw out constant chart-toppers to being the three-time reigning champ on NBC’s The Voice, it’s no secret that Adam Levine is one of the hottest artists in music today. But did you know that before Maroon 5, there was Kara’s Flowers? Or that he once released an album that completely tanked? Bet you didn’t!

So to pay homage to the father-to-be, CS4U has compiled a list of lesser-known facts about the birthday boy. Check it out below and Happy 37th Birthday, Adam!

He prefers yoga over pumping iron.

After Levine broke his collarbone in 2005, he has since ditched the weights and took an alternative route to keeping his body fit: yoga.

He has had a couple run-ins with the law.

In both 2008 and 2010, Levine has had a couple a run-ins with the law and both time for the same reason: driving without plates. Tsk tsk!

He’s ambidextrous.

Levine is ambidextrous which mean he can do things (such as write and use scissors) with both his left hand and right hand. He writes with his left, but chooses to do other things, like play the guitar, with his right.


He’s made out with Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

That’s right! The two locked lips on the FX series American Horror Story: Asylum back in 2012 when Adam played a short-lived role. Literally. His character was killed off before the season ended.

He has ADHD.

He was first diagnosed with ADHD when he as a teen. He now helps other youths diagnosed with ADHD manage and keep their symptoms under control.

He has certain beverage likes and dislikes. 

If you ever get a chance to take Adam out on a date, hit a bar instead of a coffee shop. The artist doesn’t seem to be that fond of caffeine and has once compared caffeine to “an attractive girl who has nothing to say”. Just make sure whatever bar you pick has Tequila, which is his choice of drink!


He supports LGBT Rights.

Like other celebrities, Adam has voiced his support for the LGBT community. He also has a brother, Michael Levine, who is openly gay. Right on!

He has a fear of flying.

You would think it’s because he’s scared of heights, but no. In a previous interview, Adam confessed that his fear of flying is because “no one really understands how a plane works”.


He once had a job for only 3 hours or so.

He may have “Moves Like Jagger”, but even that can’t help his terrible busboy skills. Levine is such a terrible waiter, that he was once fired within 3 hours of starting his job.


His band will be headlining the 2016 NCAA March Madness Music Festival.

It was announced earlier this year that Maroon 5 will be headlining this year’s NCAA March Madness Music Festival. Click here for more info!



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