2014 RDMA Predictions: Fiercest Fans, Most Talked About & Best Styled Artists (#RDMA)

radio disney music awardsThe countdown to the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards has officially begun!

With only ONE DAY left, CelebSecrets4U is giving you the breakdown on what you can expect from the biggest fan-driven award show this weekend.

Today, we are sharing our predictions for So FANtastic – Fiercest Fans, #Cool – Radio Disney’s Most Talked About Artist, and You’ve Got Swag! – Artist With The Best Style (Sponsored by Justice)! Check it out below…

So FANtastic – Fiercest Fans

Directioners – One Direction
Katycats – Katy Perry
Swifties – Taylor Swift

It’s the battle of the fans and all these fans have their claws out to be the fiercest fans, but who’s going to take it? We’re guessing it’s going to be the battle of the Swifties and Directioners. Both fans go hard and will do anything for their artist, but selling out every show on tour in minutes. We definitely would give this award to the Directioners, they know everything about One Direction and will keep supporting them no matter what.

#Cool – Radio Disney’s Most Talked About Artist


Recently all these artists have been talked about. Selena Gomez has been talked about with her on and off again relationship with Justin Bieber, but hasn’t released any new music or been in any new movies. Austin Mahone is on everyone’s radar and got mobbed at the airport yesterday flying in to LA for the RDMA’s. He is also releasing a new album soon. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande has been extremely successful, both in television and in music. She’s about to release a new song with Iggy Azalea called “Problem” and she was having a bit of drama with Nickelodeon. Although Austin Mahone is the artist to watch at the moment, Ariana Grande was too, but she is not going anywhere. She keeps releasing new music everyone loves and she has fans of all ages. This one’s tough, but we’re going to go with Ariana Grande!

You’ve Got Swag! – Artist With The Best Style (Sponsored by Justice)

Austin Mahone
Becky G

“Swag Swag on you!” Do you think Justin Bieber is upset he wasn’t nominated for this category? Austin Mahone reminds me of Justin Bieber in the way he dresses, always has accessories with his watches, chains or hats. But let’s be honest, have you been on Zendaya’s instagram? This girl has style! She’s not afraid to wear outfits that are daring and bold. She’ll switch up the typical red carpet dress for a pants suit and look great in it. She knows when to dress up and dress down, while Austin needs a little help in the category. Hands down, we hope Zendaya takes home this award.

And there we have it! Who do YOU think will be winning big at this year’s RDMA’s? Make sure to tune in this Sunday, April 27th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel for all the fun!

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