5 DIY Projects For Your Fourth of July Party

We are only one day away from the Fourth of July!

If you’re like us, you have yet to start planning your event for the festivities.

Celeb Secrets has compiled a list of five easy DIY projects for your beach party, picnic at the park, or good ‘ole American BBQ in your backyard.

Happy Fourth of July, readers!


Patriotic Push Up Pops 


You can make these easy patriotic push pops with just using three flavors of Jell-O, some cool whip, and blueberries. Easy as 1, 2, 3. And great for the hot weather, too. Get the recipe here from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Fourth of July Silverware Holders

Source: Crafty Morning

Want some cute DIY decor that came straight out of Pinterest? What about these cute silverware holders! Grab a few mason jars, paint them red white and blue, or add some stars and strips, it’s all up to you. Put some red, white, and blue utensils and wallah! Here is more inspiration on Crafty Morning.

Confetti Balloons

Source: Etsy

These latex confetti filled balloons I found on Etsy, but why wait for them to arrive in the mail when you can make them yourself. Unfortunately there is no tutorial for this, but it is quite simple. Buy some clear latex balloons and before blowing theming up for some red, white, and blue confetti in them or make it more patriotic and throw some stars in there too. Nothing says America like some red, white, and blue stars. Now take some worthy Instagram pictures with these balloons!

Patriotic Punch 

Source: Adventures in Wunderland

All you need is two or three of your favorite drinks, preferably red, blue, and white. Adventures in Wunderland has a great tutorial on how to make a great patriotic punch with kool-aid and gatorade. The drink with the most sugar goes on the bottom, while the drink with the least sugar goes on top. Make it more festive by putting it in a mason jar, adding a festive straw, and adding some red candy on the rim. You can find an easy tutorial here.

Patriotic Skewers 

Source: Party City

For those who want to have a guilty free fourth of July like me and are on this health kick, I have the perfect DIY for you. A patriotic skewer platter made out of fresh fruit like blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. All you need is some skewers from your local grocery store and start stacking some fruits until it looks like an American Flag via Pinterest.

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