5 Seconds Of Summer New Album set to Release October 23rd! (@5SOS)

Members of 5SOS (Left to Right) Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford.

The band 5S0S is hitting NYC’s Today show on October 28th to debut songs off of their new album Sounds Good Feels Good. The pop-punk bands album will feature two singles, “She’s Kinda Hot” released earlier this year and “Hey Everybody” which was released only a few days ago!

5SOS sat down with Billboard to discuss their newest album and what their fans can expect. Drummer and vocalist Ashton Irwin told Billboard Sounds Good Feels Good “is not the same as the last album [5 Seconds of Summer] at all” adding “It’s very personal to us.”

So what can fans look forward to hearing songs about? According to 5SOS, their new album touches on love, heartbreak, loneliness, depression, anxiety, childhood and other more!

Luke Hemmings says his favorite track off the new album is “Vapor” which band members Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin both wrote. Michael says his favorite song off the new album is called “Outer Space” and even added that the band wrote this song on the beach around a fire at midnight.


Take a look at the Sounds Good Feels Good track list:


Sounds Good Feels Good – Standard version

No. Title

  1. “Money”
  2. “She’s Kinda Hot”
  3. “Hey Everybody!”
  4. “Permanent Vacation”
  5. “Jet Black Heart”
  6. “Catch Fire”
  7. “Waste the Night”
  8. “Vapor”
  9. “Castaway”
  10. “Fly Away”
  11. “Invisible”
  12. “Airplanes”
  13. San Francisco”
  14. “Outer Space/Carry On”

5S0S: Sounds Good Feels Good Album Cover
5S0S: Sounds Good Feels Good Album Cover

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