5 Things You Need This Back-to-School Season

It’s that time of the month again… back to school.

As much as I dread the early mornings, the late nights, and all the homework, there is one thing I always look forward to: BACK-TO-SCHOOL ESSENTIALS.

I’m here to show you a couple of the items you definitely need when heading back to school for any age.


Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets have become extremely popular. They’re great for school because these jackets are so versatile. They can be worn with about any outfit, even for those lazy days when you just want to wear your workout gear. They’re great to carry around with you for those days the air conditioning is a little to high in the classrooms.


Water Bottle

I love bringing a water bottle to school because I’m practically there all day. I can refill it from the water fountains, instead of wasting money on excessive amount of water bottles. You can also add fruit and infuse your water for a healthy sweet taste. I don’t drink as much water as I’m supposed to, so carrying a water bottle gives me a remainder to stay hydrated.

Lunch Bag

A cute lunch bag is great for those who want snacks throughout the day or if you want a healthier homemade lunch. I get a little hungry throughout the day and bringing my snacks keeps me from buying junk food. I get lunch boxes with a clip on the handle so I can easily clip it on to my backpack.


Colorful Pens

I love buying colorful pens for school — it helps me with my note taking! I like to write important vocabulary words with a different color or important phrases/facts you need to memorize. The color really pops off the page and it helps you memorize what you need to study better.



Everyone has different ways when it comes to note taking — I prefer writing my notes on loose paper and transferring them onto notebooks. I like having a notebook for each class as it makes studying easier and more accessible. I have really been into marble office supplies. These marble notebooks are a perfect staple for going back to school.

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