5SOS Joins Snapchat: Our 8 Favorite Snaps from Their First Snapchat Story (@5SOS)

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At first, Snapchat was just one of those fun apps you used to send your friends silly selfies. Over time, the social media app has been gaining HUGE popularity, resulting in celebrities joining the craze and giving us an inside look into their personal lives.

On September 30, our boys – Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Michael– finally gave into temptation and created a public #5SOSSnapchat (wearefivesos) which pretty much had the entire 5SOS Fam singing HALLELUJAH.

Now in case you’ve been living under a rock and you missed out on their first story ever, don’t you worry! We compiled a nice list of our favorite snaps just for you. Enjoy!

1) Calum’s bootylicious behind.

Snapchat – wearefivesos

2) Michael’s selfie with the famous rainbow filter.

Snapchat – wearefivesos

3) The upcoming album, Sounds Good Feels Good, making an appearance.

Snapchat – wearefivesos


Snapchat – wearefivesos


5) Mikey’s amazing takeover.

Snapchat – wearefivesos


6) Ashton’s hilarious selfie.

Snapchat - wearefivesos
Snapchat – wearefivesos


7) Mashton’s coffee “date”.

Snapchat - wearefivesos
Snapchat – wearefivesos


8) Cal sassing Ashton like always.

Snapchat - wearefivesos
Snapchat – wearefivesos

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