A Wanted Wedding! (@TheWanted)

Credit: Siva's Instagram
Credit: Siva’s Instagram

Siva and Nareesha are getting Hitched Y’all!! The Wanted’s Siva has purposed to his long-time girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey! In an exclusiveinterview with HELLO! Siva and Nareesha sat down for sweet interview of how it all happened!

“I said to her I wanted a present I would always remember this year by… for you to be my wife,” he said. “It was like a military operation to plan the proposal. I couldn’t even tell the other boys in the band in case they blew the surprise.” Siva went on to say, “I found out Nareesha was planning a surprise party on my birthday with her family so I thought perfect! I’d bought the ring month before, I’d been trying to figure out the right time.” Then adding the sweetest layer to the interview, Siva added, “I love her, I love every bit of her.”

What does the Shoe-Designer and Reality Star have to say about the engagement? “I’m Still in shock, I don’t like surprises and he really surprised me, but I was so happy. I can’t wait to start planning the wedding.”

The ring, for those who must know, is a 3-carat solitaire-cut diamond ring.