After Romeo Does An Amazing Remix Of Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” – Watch The Video! (@afterromeo)

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From left to right: Blake English, TC Carter, Jake Purdy, and Drew Ryan Scott. (photo source:

The LA-based pop group After Romeo have shown us in their latest cover just why they’re so good at what they do.

Their rendition of Justin Bieber’s I’ll Show You is creatively overlapped with other catchy tunes such as Fools by Youtuber Troy Sivan, Tove Lo’s smashing hit Habits, Halsey’s haunting track Ghost, and Soap by former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez. Check out the video below!

The video starts off slowly, rapidly cutting to different scenes of the boys singing together and then clips of them singing individually as if they were conducting an outdoor recording session.  Throughout the video, Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, Blake English, and T. C. Carter are in a single, file line while each member takes their turn crushing their solos with their killer vocals. The boys do an unbelievable job (like always) by incorporating sections from the other tracks to form one chill, laid-back cover. The instrumental is kind of like a cross between Pop meets R&B, much like the ones you hear on the Biebs’ latest album Purpose. Unlike Justin however, After Romeo created the underlying track only using the power of the mouths, no instruments whatsoever. Now that is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!

Be sure to check out their Youtube account for more fun from After Romeo and don’t forget to pickup a copy of their EP The Love On Lock now (only available at concerts).

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