ALBUM REVIEW: Quinn Lewis’ New EP

Photo: Quinn Lewis/Instagram
Photo: Quinn Lewis/Instagram
Photo: Quinn Lewis/Instagram

Quinn Lewis, an Aussie living in Nashville, Tennessee, recently released his new single, “Heartbreaker.” This single follows last month’s release of “Rooftop,” which is the first track off of Lewis’ upcoming five-song EP. For those of you who have not heard of Lewis, he is an electro-pop artist with a smooth touch to his music. His songs are extremely catchy and his voice is beyond amazing.

Celeb Secrets had the pleasure of listening to the EP before the release date, so we could tell you exactly what to expect. Our conclusion is that this is one EP you do not want to miss out on. Every track off of the EP is refreshing and different from the usual songs you hear on the radio. Lewis has found the perfect balance of electronics — they don’t drown out his talented voice, but they also still manage to keep that prominent electric feeling.

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Photo: Quinn Lewis/Instagram
Photo: Quinn Lewis/Instagram

Lewis’ strong vocal range is demonstrated throughout his new EP and it’s beyond impressive. The first track, “Rooftop,” is the perfect song to blast and jam to in your car while driving home from work. Track number two (we are leaving the other titles out of the article as a surprise for all of his fans) is a slower song off of the album and reminds me of a song that Sam Smith would record. The track includes great harmonies, amazing instrumentation, and it really tugs at your heartstrings. The third track is more upbeat than track number two. Lewis really tests out his vocal range in this song and we couldn’t get enough of it. It’s definitely the perfect dance song! The fourth track, “Heartbreaker,” is another slower song compared to the third track and is extremely sexy. The lyrics in this song are my personal favorite off of the EP and it is not over-produced, which could have been very easy to do with this song. And last but not least, the fifth track is totally addicting to listen to — the song builds its way up and makes you feel very connected to it.

You can listen to Lewis’ new release, “Heartbreaker,” and “Rooftop” below or check out more of his music on SoundCloud. Follow his social media outlets to stay tuned for release dates!

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