All the Details on Selena Gomez and David Henrie’s ‘Wizards’ Reunion Proposal

David Henrie/Instagram

Selena Gomez made a “revival” on Instagram with her Wizards co-star David Henrie¬†last weekend.

During a live video, they talked about where they think their characters would be today, including Max, who was played by Jake T. Austin, who apparently sold the Sub Station according to Selena and David’s predictions. Uh Oh! Jake T. Austin is already on board when he tweeted “Speak for yourself #MaxIsDown”

Not only are the stars on board, but so is the executive¬†producer and creator, Todd J. Greenwald. He came up with the idea of a “grown up theatrical version” of Wizards. Could he mean a movie?

We’re freaking out! Could there actually be a Wizards of Waverly Place¬†reunion coming soon?

Since all the stars are on board, we’re just waiting on Disney to comment. We hope they work some magic and make our childhood dreams come true!

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