Amanda Leighton: Back On ABC Family! (@MandyPandyLeigh @TheFostersABCF)

Amanda LeightonHave you been having Make It Or Break It withdrawals? Is Nicole Anderson not enough to sustain your withdrawals from MIOBI?

Well one of your favorite love-to-hate-her characters is back! Although not reprising her role as Wendy Capshaw, this time Amanda Leighton is back on ABC Family’s The Fosters! Amanda will be playing Emma on The Fosters, we caught a glimpse of her on the wrestling team this past Monday Night.

On next weeks all new The Fosters it seems like Jesus may not only be getting a new friend, but possibly a new romance.  Don’t get too excited about the new romance, Jesus is still getting over his abrupt break-up with Lexi. With Lexi leaving the country until at least college, she and Jesus did leave their relationship as open, and she told Jesus not to wait for her, but Jesus said he would wait for her. However will seeing Emma everyday at wrestling cause more than a friendship? Or could this be the beginning of the greatest friendship Jesus could have ever dreamed of, and exactly what he needs after two huge life changes; his break-up and getting off his medication?

Check out this clip and wait to see for yourself!

Amanda is slated to appear in the rest of The Fosters Season 1B.

Are YOU excited Amanda is back on ABC Family?

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