Andy Samberg Returns To TV!

Funny man Andy Sambergrecently announced that he would not be coming back to SNLin the fall, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving TV all together. Andy will be starring in a BBC comedy called “Cuckoo” according to BBC. Andy will star alongsideGreg Davies, Helen Baxendale, and TamlaKariand will begin filming this summer, the show will be aboutparents who meet their daughters new husband and are rather shocked when he announces he is a “self-appointed spiritual ninja.” “Cuckoo” is set to air later this year on BBC, according to ZaiBennett a BBC Three executive, “BBC Three continues to break new comedy. ‘Cuckoo’ is both original and unique, We’re delighted to be announcing this exciting new sitcom with such an illustrious cast from two of my favorite new writers.” The Executive producer of the show Ash Atalla also said, “The best of British meets the toast of Hollywood. We hope ‘Cuckoo’ cements the special relationship between our two great countries. I imagine Obama and Cameron will be watching closely.”

Are YOU excited that Andy Samberg will be back on TV this year?

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