Another Engagement Blessing For Miley And Liam

Even weeks after Miley and Liam announced their engagement people are still giving their thoughts on the young hot couples engagement. The majority of friends, family and fans have all congratulated the hot pair, with a few nay-sayers here and there. The newest congratulations come from Liam’s big brother and fellow hottie, Chris Hemsworth. Chris is currently back in Australia promoting Snow White and The Huntsman, during the premiere reporters asked him about his brothers engagement, Chris answered,  “It’s fantastic, I’m really happy!” The media went crazy and proceeded to ask if he had any marriage advice for his little brother, Chris who got married back in 2010, and just had his first child, stayed  very modest and answered, “I’m not much of an expert on it myself yet.”

It looks like Miley and Liam’s families are both over the moon about the future nuptials, what do YOU think about it?