Ashley Brinton Talks New Single “Slow Down”, Dealing with Online Haters, and Ice Cream Obsession

She even performed “Slow Down” for us, and it was amazing.

Lynn Parks

Ever since we met Ashley Brinton back in March, we’ve been obsessed with her music. Her song “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” was so upbeat and catchy, and she’s doing it again with her latest release “Slow Down!”

“‘Slow Down’ is really close to my heart. It’s definitely different from the previous stuff that I’ve done. It’s really fun and exciting and kind of edgy to listen to. It’s a fun party song and I think it’s a girl anthem because it’s showing the guys to back off because were powerful,” Brinton told us last month.

Aside from her music, we love everything that Ashley is about. The 16-year-old wants people to have “positive energy” and “forget the haters” while listening to her songs. Brinton also hopes to be younger girls and artists’ inspirations, just like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were to her as a kid.

“I want to be an inspiration to younger artists, younger girls, and everyone because I felt like I had that growing up. I really want other people to have me be their inspiration.”

Celeb Secrets caught up with Ashley last month in New York City where she talked about (and performed) her music, dealing with online haters, and her huge obsession with ice cream! Make sure to read the full Q&A below and follow Ashley on Instagram at @ashleybrinton.

CS: Tell us about your new single “Slow Down.”

AB: “‘Slow Down’ is really close to my heart. Its definitely different from the previous stuff that I’ve done. Its really fun and exciting and kind of edgy to listen to. Its a fun party song and I think its a girl anthem because its showing the guys to back off because were powerful.”

CS: What made you want to choose it as your second single?

AB: “I chose it because I wanted to do something completely different so people could see both sides of my artistry. I also think that I gravitated towards it because its a dance song; its definitely fun, new, and exciting for me.”

CS: Did you have involvement in the writing process?

AB: “For the writing process we were all in Miami and we had this great beat and it was just so awesome. We were all sitting in a circle just tossing out ideas of what we really wanted it to convey, what message we wanted to put to this incredible beat, and we just all came up with it so it was really collaborative. Thats how I like to write because I think the more people involved, the different opinions, and the merging of creativity is really exciting for me.”

CS: Tell us all about you new EP In Blossom.

AB:Im going to release a few more singles prior to the launch of the EP which will probably be early October so you guys can look forward to that. For my EP, I’m really excited because its really all the messages that have been floating around; I want to be an inspiration to younger artists, younger girls, and everyone because I felt like I had that growing up. I really want other people to have me be their inspiration.”

CS: Who were your inspirations growing up?

AB: “I would say definitely a lot of – my mom, obviously. She’s amazing. I would also say Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift. Im such a big fan. I went to all of her concerts and everything like that. She really was my inspiration and idol; she still is because of the growth and development of her artistry and I think she’s just always kept it clean and thats how I want to be.”

CS: Is there a message that you wanna give young girls that are listening to your music?

AB: “Definitely. Don’t listen to other people if they’re giving you negative energy. Always have positive energy because people are always going to say bad things, people are going to hate you or something — hopefully they wont hate you — but people are going to have their opinions and you have to take that as a grain of salt to grow as a person.”

CS: You have a large following on Instagram. How do you deal with that because there’s always good comments and bad comments?

AB: “Honestly, I think I remember the first time seeing a bad comment and I had no clue how I was going to react because I had never previously experienced it before. I was sitting there scrolling through my YouTube comments and it was like ‘oh she’s terrible, she’s ugly, blah blah blah’ and I just sat there and I laughed because I would say ‘what better things do these people have to do than just spread negative energy?’ I think its just funny and it helps me grow as a person because I know it makes me stronger as a person.”

CS: What advice would you give to our followers that are maybe dealing with online hate and things like that?

AB: “I would say just ignore them, block them, and get them out because they feed off the negative energy so just spread positive energy.”

CS: I know you go to a lot of ice cream shops. You need to tell me about how you find these places and your favorite ones?

AB: “My love for ice cream has started since I was like 5 years old because I was lactose intolerant. I still kind of am, but I think it makes me appreciate it more so I always find cool places from my friends or from Instagram. I follow a lot of food blogs because I love food and ice cream. Yesterday, I went to this really cool pop up shop by Old Fellas and it was awesome because it was all carnival themed and it had a lot of soft serve and candy popcorn flavors. I just love ice cream.”

CS: Is there maybe a favorite spot in LA you have and a favorite spot in NY?

AB: “So in LA my favorite spot is Salt & Straw, it has the most random, craziest flavors that I’ve ever seen but its so good. In NY, I would have to say it Momofuku Milk Bar because even though they don’t have a big selection, their cereal milk ice cream is the most amazing thing I’ve ever had.”

CS: Whats one thing you want to do before the year ends?

AB: “I want to pick up a new hobby. Im very into knitting. I love painting so Im thinking something kind of in the creative aspect; maybe clay?”

CS: We are Celeb Secrets. What’s a behind the scenes secret of when you guys recorded “Slow Down” or maybe with the music video that people don’t know?

AB: “A secret would have to be that I ate ice cream right after in my bathrobe. I went to Salt & Straw. I saw Jaime King and it was just the best thing ever after a long day of filming.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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