Ashley Leone’s “SUGARCOATED” is the Pop/R&B EP You’ve Been Waiting For – REVIEW


R&B is making a big comeback in 2016 and has been quickly reaching a wider audience and is appealing to younger generations. Because of this comeback, more and more artists are entering the realm of that genre of music.

Ashley Leone, a young artist from Philadelphia, has recently moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue her R&B and pop artist career and has gotten off to a great start! Her songwriting has led her to have a single, “Spinning,” to be played in the clothing store Justice nationwide. Ashley Leone has also recently released her new EP, which is getting a lot of positive feedback.

Ashley Leone’s new EP,  SUGARCOATED, is a crossover between pop and R&B and it is perfectly produced. If you want to listen to new music that you will fall in love with, you can listen to her EP here! Her voice is like listening to an angel with great pitch and emotion in her voice. This EP reminds us of Alicia Keys’ early 2000’s works which were incredibly successful and are still very popular today.

Celeb Secrets took a listen to SUGARCOATED recently and is breaking the record down track by track! The whole EP is a progression of a relationship from love to heartbreak to recovery. SUGARCOATED is the perfect EP to listen to while sitting at your desk, driving around town, or relaxing and laying in the sun this summer.

Check out our full review below.

Famous To Me” is a song about how she sees her love in everything she does and is completely head-over-heels for this person. She sees nothing wrong with her significant other and sees their name in the lights and can only see their face in a crowd of a million people. This first song on the EP is the beginning stages of a relationship where everything seems perfect and dream like.

Ashley’s wide vocal range is perfectly demonstrated in her song “Sugar In My Coffee,” which is one of the best songs off of the EP. “Sugar In My Coffee” is catchy and has amazing background vocals that will make you want to put it on repeat for hours. The chorus has a perfect rhythm to move to and leaves you singing along even after the first listen. It is a cute song by saying that this person makes her life so sweet, just like the sugar in her coffee.

“Coming Back” makes Ashley’s voice sound very similar to many of Tori Kelly’s songs. The rap by Nate Jordan in “Coming Back” is very clever phrases and easy to understand unlike a lot of other rap. This song addresses the reality of no matter how bad the person might be, sometimes you still just need that person in your life and go back to them. They are like an addiction which she describes as a fall and high.

Lonely Dreams” takes a turn and is one of the more sad songs on the EP. It is a slow and emotional song that makes you feel the pain expressed in the song. It is a painful breakup song that leaves you craving the other person and alone in bed at night where you feel the most lonely and when the “covers don’t feel safe no more.” “Lonely Dreams” perfectly describes the aftermath of a recent breakup that leaves you in pieces.

Don’t Wantcha Back” is the journey of how she was once head-over-heels for this person but after time and heartbreak she has moved on and realized she is better off without that person. She no longer craves the presence of her love like she did in “Lonely Dreams,” she just wants him to know what he is missing out on and that there is no way she would go back to him.

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