Audien Releases Official Music Video For Hit Song “Something Better” with Lady Antebellum – Watch Now!

EDM DJ Audien has released his music video for “Something Better” with Lady Antebellum this week and we could not be more excited about it!

The video features a boy who is star gazing as he sees a meteor pass in the sky near his farm. He then hops in his truck to chase it. Little did he know, he would find something better than just a typical meteor.

This collaboration was mind blowing because Audien is not a country artist. Doing this collab spread his music to country radio and it even became a #1 hit on Dance Radio. Talk about when two worlds collide!

“It’s been amazing to watch fans from different musical planets gravitate toward ‘Something Better.’  I’m excited to share this fitting video that beautifully compliments the track, and keeps us wondering who is out there…” Audien says.

“I’ve loved getting feedback from fans on this collaboration,” adds Lady A’s Hillary Scott. “I just heard it for the first time on the radio in Nashville the other day! It reminded me how music connects people who might not otherwise have really been country fans and vice versa. I love that this video shares that same spirit and puts a fun spin on the powerful lyric of the song.”

This hit, as previously mentioned, is already #1 on Dance Radio but that wasn’t the only thing, it also hit #1 on Billboard club chart and is being played on over 40 radio stations. This song has become a mega crossover hit for sure. It has and will continue rising up the charts!

“Something Better” was released off of Audien’s recent EP DayDreams which is already out! If you enjoyed what you heard! You can check it out HERE.

Watch the official music for “Something Better” featuring Lady Antebellum below…

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