Batman Vs. Superman: Female Team Up


Now that  Zack Snyder’s vision for the Man of Steel sequel is coming into fruition, the much anticipated Batman Vs. Superman, is getting a lot of attention, with Ben Affleck as Billionaire Bruce Wayne and Batman,  and Fast & Furious Franchise actress Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and amazing Amazonian Wonder Woman.

It’s still unknown how, when, or for how much of the flick Wonder Woman be included, but it does have a lot of speculation surrounded with her Character. Many wondering if Diana be allied with Superman or will be a love interest? Taking of course into consideration for the latter, with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) already playing the Love Interest for Clark Kent/ Super man (Henry Cavil), which would bring up a supposed love triangle.

How does Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane in the flicks feel about a possible love triangle? She hopes it doesn’t happen at all! In a recent interview for Amy’s current upcoming flick American Hustle she was asked the very question, “I hope that I can be involved with a woman on screen where we’re not in a love triangle,” Adams told Superhero Hype about Lois Lane and Wonder Woman’s relationship in the sequel. “That would be fun. Maybe where we team up together and work as teammates instead of adversaries.”

The Man of Steel sequel hits theaters July 17, 2015.

What do you think the story line will be about?