Bella Thorne Comments on the Zendaya & Giuliana Rancic Dreadlocks Controversy – Read the Statement!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A lot of people have been reacting to Giuliana Rancic‘s harsh comment to Zendaya from the Academy Awards segment of E!’s showFashion Police.Many fans and celebrities have been sharing their thoughts about the whole situation via social media this past week, but one’s opinion that grabs our attention is Bella Thorne’s.

While chatting, Bella said the following,Can I just first of all start off by saying thatZendayalooked absolutely stunning and gorgeous at the Oscars,Bellastarted out. Her dress was also beautiful!

She added, I knowGiulianaand I know Zendaya, and I know them both personally, and honestlyGiulianais a really sweet person. AndZendayahas been onFashion Policeas a guest andGiulianajust goes on and on about how much she loves her. So I think when Giuliana made that comment, although this doesnt justify it in any way, I think that she didnt mean it like that and it just came out wrong because she really lovesZendaya.

Bellacontinued on, People have to remember that there is so much criticism going out to teens and the way they look and the way they dress people are just growing up. Were all growing up. Were all trying to find ourselves. So what? We make some mistakes. So what? We look good on a red carpet finally. Were all trying to find ourselves here.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

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