Ben Takes Drastic Measures To Spend More Time With Sam Tonight On “Baby Daddy” – Watch A Sneak Peek!

On tonight’s all-new episode of Baby Daddy, Sam tells Ben that she may quit her job as bar manager because of her long commute, so Ben takes it upon himself to come up with a solution to bring her closer to work…and him.

However, Ben’s master plan doesn’t quite work out the way he planned when Sam brings her boyfriend home to live in the room Ben made†Danny vacate.

Meanwhile, when Bonnie recruits Tucker as an assistant for her new job, she finds herself actually working for Tucker.

Baby Daddy airs Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 8:30pm ET on Freeform.

Check out some clips from tonight’s episode below.

Photo:†Craig Sjodin/Freeform

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