Burkely Duffield, Dilan Gwyn, and Jonathan Whitesell Dish on Tonight’s ‘Beyond’ Season 1 Finale


Can you believe the season one finale of Beyond is tonight!?

This evening, we will get many answers to the questions we’ve been having all season, in addition to new story lines that will hopefully be presented in the series’ second season.

In the episode, “Into the Light,” Frost takes great precautions to ensure Holden’s help with his plans. Shoemacher tries to keep Frost on track to reach the Realm, lest they both face repercussions for failure.  Holden and Willa also come up with a plan to thwart Frost. Meanwhile, Diane gets an eye-opening look into Tom’s research into Hollow Sky and what they want with Holden.

Celeb Secrets caught up with cast members Burkely Duffield (Holden), Dilan Gwyn (Willa), and Jonathan Whitesell (Luke) recently to dish on the series’ first season finale. In the interview, the cast talked about all of the problems each character faced this season and how they are dealing with them, the bond the characters have in the finale, and what they all face going into the second season.

We had the opportunity to watch the season finale ahead of tonight’s premiere and it was nothing but exhilarating. It makes us somewhat bummed that we have to wait a while until we find out what happens to Holden next, but we know the creators will give us something that exceeds our expectations, making it bigger and better than this season’s episodes!

“Into the Light” airs tonight, February 27th @ 9PM ET/PT on Freeform. Check out the full video with Burkely, Dilan, and Jonathan below.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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