There’s just an hour left until the GoPro BMX Big Air Final here at the 2016 X Games in Austin. Colton Satterfield took home the gold in both 2014 and 2015, so we can bet he’s back and ready to take home a third gold medal. As with every event here at the X Games, Satterfield’s got some big contenders coming after him, competing against the other top seven riders in the world. Will he be able to reclaim his title? Check out our predictions for the GoPro BMX Big Air Final below!

Make sure to watch your favorite athletes compete in the GoPro BMX Big Air Final on tonight at 10:00pm ET on ESPN.

Colton Satterfield poses with his second gold medal. (Photo courtesy of Monster Energy)
Colton Satterfield poses with his second gold medal. (Photo courtesy of Monster Energy)

1st Place: Colton Satterfield

Like we said before, Colton Satterfield has taken home the gold in this event the past two years. Can he win it a third time? We have no idea, but we’d love to see him try. He won in 2015 with a trick that had never been done on the X Games mega ramp before. For his third and final run of the night, he hit a double flair, which consists of a double back flip with a 180-degree rotation. If he brings out the big tricks again and nails his first two runs, he might just have it in the bag.

James Foster at Nitro Circus (Photo: Cody York)
James Foster at Nitro Circus (Photo: Cody York)

2nd Place: James Foster

James Foster placed fourth last year, but we think he’s got some new tricks up his sleeve for this year. He’s had several firsts under his belt, such as the triple tailwhip, first 360 windshield wiper, and he’s just one of two people who can do a triple backflip. Foster will definitely do what he can to top the winning trick from last year, or at least we think he will. He’s definitely going to give Satterfield a run for his money.

Mykel Larrin at Camp Woodward (Photo: Cody York)
Mykel Larrin at Camp Woodward (Photo: Cody York)

3rd Place: Mykel Larrin

During the X Games Austin 2015 competition, Mykel Larrin earned his first XG medal in the Big Air event after going from the emergency room with Chad Kagy straight to the event to compete in place of his friend. We think with a little more time to prep and warm up for the event, Larrin can really nail this thing. He has the skills and we’re hoping he’ll also have the right mentality he needs for the competition.

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