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Celeb Secrets Predicts the 2016 American Music Awards

Happy Monday, readers!

We’re less than three weeks away from the 2016 American Music Awards, and everyone at Celeb Secrets is super stoked to see the fashion, performances, and most of all, the winners!

The AMAs are one of our favorite award shows for three reasons — its fan-voted, has the best performances, and last but not least, celebrates all music genres!

To count down to the ceremony, Celeb Secrets is predicting the winners for the following categories: Artist of the Year, New Artist of the Year Unleashed by T-Mobile, Collaboration of the Year, Tour of the Year, Video of the Year, Favorite Male/Female Artist – Pop/Rock, Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock, Favorite Album – Pop/Rock, Favorite Song – Pop/Rock, Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop, Favorite Album – Rap/Hip-Hop, Favorite Song – Rap/Hip-Hop, Favorite Male/Female Artist – Soul/R&B, Favorite Album – Soul/R&B, Favorite Song – Soul/R&B, Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock, Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary, Favorite Artist – Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and Top Soundtrack. To view our predictions for winners of the country categories, head on over to our sister site Celeb Secrets Country by clicking here.

Fans can vote for all category once per day, per platform via or by posting a tweet on Twitter that includes the nominee’s Twitter handle, the category name and #AMAs within the post(s). For New Artist of the Year Un-leashed by T-Mobile, fans can vote 100 times per day, per platform.

Hosted by Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah, the 2016 American Music Awards aka the world’s biggest fan-voted award show, will feature performances from Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, James Bay, Fifth Harmony, Green Day, twenty one pilots, John Legend, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, special duets from The Chainsmokers and Halsey, and Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, and “The American Music Award of Merit” honoree Sting, and airs live from the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, November 20th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.


ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Adele, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Drake, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots, Carrie Underwood, The Weeknd

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: This is a tough category. Every artist had a huge year, a new album, and a tour. My personally pick would be twenty one pilots because I’ve loved them for some time; they released a new album, a tour, three singles in the top ten, and a song on Suicide Squad. Even though I love twenty one pilots, I think it’s going to be between Drake and Beyoncé! Drake had a huge new album with so many number one singles and the Summer Sixteen Tour; while Beyoncé had her album, visual album, and tour. She surprised everyone by coming out with it with no notice and definitely broke the Internet. I’m going with Drake on this one, only because of his many singles on the radio.


NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR UN-LEASHED BY T-MOBILE: Alessia Cara, The Chainsmokers, DNCE, Shawn Mendes, ZAYN

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: All these new artists had a killer year, from The Chainsmokers with their hit singles to ZAYN who split up with One Direction and came out with a solo album. DNCE has had a huge year with their popular single “Cake by the Ocean” and recently won the MTV new artist award, they have a huge chance of winning this. I think DNCE may take this award too, they have a unique sound, just came out with a new album, and have a huge following.


COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR: The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya “Don’t Let Me Down”, Drake Featuring Wizkid & Kyla “One Dance”, Fifth Harmony Featuring Ty Dolla $ign “Work From Home”, Rihanna Featuring Drake “Work”, Meghan Trainor Featuring John Legend “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: “One Dance”, “Work From Home”, and “Work” are constantly playing on the radio. Fifth Harmony most of the time win these categories, but Drake’s “One Dance” is a HUGE hit. But I think Harmonizers will back their girls by working from home, voting, and making them come on top!


TOUR OF THE YEAR: Beyoncé, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation! Not only did Beyoncé come out with the most beautiful visual album without any notice, but she had a killer tour along with it. The choreography, the costumes, and the visuals were breathtaking and beautiful. Beyoncé made everyone feel like they were apart pf the show even if you were sitting in the way back. Our vote is Beyoncé and if she doesn’t take this we’ll be ultimately surprised.


VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Justin Bieber “Sorry”, Desiigner “Panda”, Rihanna Featuring Drake “Work”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: As much as I enjoyed Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” because it was colorful, fun, and it was a whole lot of dancing. It didn’t really had a story and reminded of videos back in the day where it just showed choreography. But I think Rihanna‘s “Work” video was visually beautiful as well and it had an appearance by Drake. They’re a perfect match in the music industry, together or not, they know how to make magic.


FAVORITE MALE ARTIST – POP/ROCK: Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Drake is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He’s been blowing up the charts with his several hit singles and that charm! He’s been working hard to bring his fans music they can dance to, but also can relate to. Much different than his first album, he has a variety of songs that keep you moving. Along with his tour, his collaborations, and we can’t help but swoon from that smile, we know Drake will take this award.


FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST – POP/ROCK: Adele, Selena Gomez, Rihanna

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Rihanna had a huge year as well, she’s been work-work-working hard. She won the covenant award at the MTV VMA’s and we have no doubts she’ll be winning this one too! She had a killer album, especially with my favorite song “Love on the Brain”, a tour, and collaborations with Drake and Calvin Harris. Nothing is stopping this girl. 


FAVORITE DUO OR GROUP – POP/ROCK: The Chainsmokers, DNCE, Twenty One Pilots

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Twenty One Pilots has really been hitting the charts hard and taking a ride on the radio stations. You change the stations and it switches from Heathens to Stressed out. Although, the other groups and duos had hit top charters, we think Twenty One Pilots have had more number one signals. We really hope Twenty One Pilots finally get the award they deserve.


FAVORITE ALBUM – POP/ROCK: Adele “25”, Justin Bieber “Purpose”, Drake “Views”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Adele’s album was a huge anticipation since her last album 21, but Drake had a killer album as well. He has a number of singles on the top 10 list and on the radio, songs you can dance too or cry too. While Adele leaves you in tears, sitting in your car just staring out the window. I don’t necessarily consider Drake’s album a pop album, and I think Adele was on everyone’s mind when she resurfaced – I mean she sold out 6 sold out shows at the staple center, or was it 8? We lost track. Adele say hello to your award.


FAVORITE SONG- POP/ROCK: Adele “Hello”, Justin Bieber “Love Yourself”, Drake Featuring Wizkid & Kyla “One Dance”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Once Dance” by Drake“. Hands Down. I’m still dancing to this song as we speak, no matter how many times it is played on the radio I can’t find myself to change the station.


FAVORITE ARTIST – RAP/HIP-HOP: Drake, Fetty Wap, Future

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Drake is about to have a handful of awards to take home. We haven’t heard much of Fetty Wap recently and Future just finished a tour with Drake. But people were more excited to see Drake than Future and weren’t so happy about his MTV VMA’s performance. Our vote is most definitely Drake, he’ll be dancing that once dance all the way up to the stage.


FAVORITE ALBUM – RAP/HIP-HOP: Drake “Views”, Drake & Future “What A Time To Be Alive”, Fetty Wap “Fetty Wap”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Do I need to say it? Or have you guessed who I’m about to say? DRAKE. His album “Views” was a killer album that showed a different side of Drake. With several number one tracks on the radio and a huge tour, we don’t doubt that Drake will be calling anyone on his cellphone because his hands are going to be occupied with so many awards.


FAVORITE SONG – RAP/HIP-HOP: Desiigner “Panda”, Drake “Hotline Bling”, Fetty Wap “679”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Okay Drake, leave some awards for the rest of them. Out of all these songs, we heard “Hotline Bling” the most. From his music video and the memes hitting the web from this song, we think that deserves an award in itself. It’s a sing you can relate to, but also sing at the top of your lungs to.


FAVORITE MALE ARTIST – SOUL/R&B: Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: I don’t know anyone who has more soul that The Weeknd from these competitors. You want The Weeknd to sing you asleep because no matter what he’s singing about you can just close your eyes and it sounds so beautiful. Abel you won’t be able to feel your face when your name is called because you’ll be taking this award home.


FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST – SOUL/R&B: Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Rihanna

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Obviously Beyoncé. She’s the Queen of R&B and Soul, and everything else in between. Anyone and everyone knows who Beyoncé is, I mean who can release a virtual album without notice and not only make it a hit, but an inspirational masterpiece.


FAVORITE ALBUM – SOUL/R&B: Beyoncé “Lemonade”, Rihanna “Anti”, Bryson Tiller “T R A P S O U L”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Beyoncé is the dragon that’s breathing fire, there’s no competition here. Her best revenge is her paper and this album showed it. I still can’t get over the fact that she released this album with no notice and a virtual album along with it. Nothing can compare to this album, it talked about real issues and was virtually beautiful. It is the most quotable album of the year and we won’t stop singing it – maybe until she releases a new one.


FAVORITE SONG – SOUL/R&B: Drake Featuring Wizkid & Kyla “One Dance”, Rihanna Featuring Drake “Work”, Bryson Tiller “Don’t”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: The song “Work” has been hitting all the clubs, I mean who can sit still when you hear this song. Drake and Rihanna in a song together is like our dreams coming true, and probably Drake’s too. So work, work, work, work, work your way all the way to the stage Badgal RiRi.


FAVORITE ARTIST – ALTERNATIVE ROCK: Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots, X Ambassadors

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: I’m a little bias when it comes to this category because I’m a huge Twenty One Pilots fan, but they’re going to have some tough competition with Coldplay. I think their skeleton clique can help them pull this off. I honestly do think this is Twenty One Pilots year, they have been working their butts off. With a new album that tells a story about Tyler’s emotions, entirely written by the band. Along with a huge tour and playing at festivals, with a hit song in a major movie. Twenty One Pilots is a Tear in Our Hearts, and we can’t wait to see them accept this award.


FAVORITE ARTIST – ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (EDM): The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: This award is definitely a battle between The Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris. They both performed at Coachella, had hit songs on the radio with major features, and successful fan turnouts. Calvin Harris had a little drama this year with a song writing debacle, while The Chainsmokers had drama with Lady GaGa and the whole twitter scandal. This one to me can be any of the two, but if I had to choose I would say the award is going to Calvin Harris.


TOP SOUNDTRACK: Purple Rain, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Suicide Squad: The Album

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Personally, what I love about movies are the soundtracks. Sometimes the soundtrack help the movie evolve in the story line and sucks you in even more. There is some quite debate on the move Suicide Squad, if it was good or not, but we’ll save that for another time. Whatever your opinion is on the movie, we can all agree they had a great album, with great artists. Heathens won’t stop playing on the radio and sometimes it’s even on different stations at the same time. Suicide Squad: The Album is definitely taking this one home.

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