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We caught up with Cherri Bomb’s drummer, Nia Lovelis! For those of you who don’t know, teenage rock sensations Cherri Bomb are a 4 piece, all female band who have already garnered glowing endorsements from the likes of Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. Last October the young group released the explosive video for their song, “Let it Go,” which appears on their debut album, This is the End of Control, that was recently released on Hollywood Records. What’s SO amazing about them? They are all under 16 and dominating the world of rock music!

Check out the entire Q&A below. You can catch Cherri Bomb in your local town during the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Check our site for all your Warped Tour needs!

C: Hi Nia! How are you?

N: “I’m well! How are you?

C: I’m great! You girls are all under 16 in Cherri Bomb and have great appreciation for your work… is it surreal at all?

N: “It’s completely surreal. It feels like going out on tour and doing music and living out our dreams is so great and amazing.”

C: Your album, This Is The End Of Control, came out a few weeks ago. How excited were you to release your first record with HWR?

N: “It was super exciting getting our music out there and kind of finishing! This Is the End of Control is like our baby so its almost like putting everything we’ve been working so hard for out to the world.”

C: I’ve listened to the album and personally like “Better This Way.” What was your favorite song off the album?

N:I’d have to say “Hold On” is one of my favorites. I just remember the story of us going and writing that song . We were in the car joking around and just started stirring with lyrics and it just rolled off our tongues. Everything just clicked in that song.”

C: “Shake the Ground” was featured in the top selling blockbuster The Avengers! You even got to attend the premiere! What was that like?

N:That was awesome! We saw Scarlet Johansson and a lot of people we look up to. It was just unbelievable hearing our song on The Avengers Soundtrack.”

C: Who is your favorite Avenger?

N: “I’d have to say Iron Man because you know Robert Downey, Jr. is really hot!

C: You guys have been all over Euorpe i hear Touring, what has been your favorite venue so far?

N: “I’d have to say that I really like Australia..The Festival of the Sun Festival. We got to hang out with other bands, it was really great!”

C: I am impressed with your outfits and accessories! Do you guys coordinate this or just wear what you feel like?

N: “We just wear what we feel like. We pick stuff out of our closets. Sometimes we want to look like we’re together so we’ll take a few pictures and be like oh this outfit looks good with the rest of the girls! It sometimes doesn’t work out so we’ll change the shirt around, but most of the time it works.”

C: Now I know you guys were at Bamboozle here in New Jersey a couple weeks ago… what was that whole experience like?

N: “It was unbelievable! Everywhere we walked there was just music playing. We got to see some great artists, meet some great bands, and talk to some awesome people.”

C: Thats awesome! Now you guys are also going to be on Warped Tour right?

N: “Oh yeah totally!”

C: What can we expect from your set list? What fans can experience from it?

N: “We are coming up with the set list now! We pretty much have the same set list from Sound Waves and Bamboozle. It’s going to be a bunch of songs from our album This Is The End of Control. We are so excited for Warped Tour its crazy! We’ve been looking forward to this for ever.”

C: Now, for fans that don’t know about you guys, why should they check out your album and listen to your music?

N: We have been working so hard to just get out album out there and get our music out to the world. We really just want to inspire people to pick up an instrument or do what they love, thats why people should look into our music.”

C: What can we expect from you guys in the future?

N: “We’re possibly touring Canada. We’re working on new songs and have a crazy stage show.. everything its going to be incredible!”

C: Since our  website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share a one secret or hidden talent maybe the fans don’t know about you?

N: “When we went to this black carpet, this metal black carpet, Johnny Depp played with Mariyln Manson. I have to admit when I saw him on stage I started crying my eyes out cause I am such a big fan of him and his work. Johnny Depp is like my idol, so like I burst out crying , it was crazy.”

Thank you so much for talking with us Nia! For all things Cherri Bomb, you can had on over to for music, tour dates, and more!

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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