CelebSecrets4U Shares 2014 RDMA Song Predictions! (@RADIODISNEY #RDMA)

radio disney music awardsThe countdown to the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards has officially begun!

With only three days left, CelebSecrets4U is giving you the breakdown on what you can expect from the biggest fan-driven award show this weekend.

Today, we are sharing our predictions for The Bestest – Song of the Year, XOXO – Best Crush Song, Musical Mashup – Best Musical Collaboration, So Happy – Best Song That Makes You Smile (Sponsored by ARM & Hammer Tooth Tunes)Stuck In Our Heads – Catchiest New Song, That’s My Jam – Best Song To Rock Out To With Your BFF, Soundtraxx – Favorite Song from a Movie Or TV Show, Move! – Best Song To Dance To, and Hit The Road – Favorite Roadtrip Song (Sponsored by GEICO)! Check it out below…

The Bestest – Song of the Year

Roar – Katy Perry
Best Song Ever – One Direction
Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

Song of the Year is always a tough category. There are so many great, catchy songs and sometimes you can’t pick one to be your favorite. Out of these three choices, we are going to go with “Best Song Ever” because it’s right there in the title. The category is The Bestest and One Direction’s song is called “Best Song Ever.” One Direction is also huge at the moment and take home almost every category at every award show.

XOXO – Best Crush Song

Chloe (You’re the One I Want) – Emblem 3
Still Into You – Paramore
What About Love – Austin Mahone

This category can be narrowed down to two songs, “What About Love” and “Chloe (You’re The One I Want).” They were both huge hits and both Austin and Emblem 3 have been very popular with the ladies. Austin Mahone has been on everyone’s radar lately and been performing everywhere. We’re going to give this award to Austin Mahone for his song “What About Love.”

Musical Mashup – Best Musical Collaboration

Popular Song – Mika feat. Ariana Grande
Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran
Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes

“Clarity” and “Everything Has Changed” was played on the radios several times, while Popular Song wasn’t so “popular.” Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran were one of the best collaborations last year. Even if you hate or love Taylor Swift, you somehow still find yourself singing her music and collaborating with a great musician like Ed Sheeran was a great move. Hands down, we’re going to give this award to “Everything Has Changed.”

So Happy – Best Song That Makes You Smile (Sponsored by ARM & Hammer Tooth Tunes)

Ooh La LaBritney Spears
La Da Dee – Cody Simpson
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) – Ylvis

Is it just me or are you upset that Pharrell’s song “Happy” isn’t one of the nominations. If you’re like us, the song “The Fox” makes us cringe a little every time we listen to it. It’s overplayed and was just about everywhere when it became big. We think it’s taking the award for ‘So Happy’ solely because it was a HUGE hit and not to mention it’s still on Radio Disney’s Top 30. Ring-Ding-Ding-Ding!

Stuck In Our Heads – Catchiest New Song

Classic – MKTO
I Wish – Cher Llyod
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis

“Baby, you’re so classic!” If you’re like us, we can’t get “Classic” out of our heads! The song is upbeat, fun, and catchy! Once you play it, you won’t be able to stop! MKTO has been working hard and finally released their first album. They totally deserve this award for Catchiest New Song.

That’s My Jam – Best Song To Rock Out To With Your BFF

Loud – R5
Me & My Girls – Fifth Harmony
Here’s To Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

“Loud” or “Me & My Girls”? Fifth Harmony’s song pertains more to girls, but let’s be real, girls are usually the ones who are rocking out with their best friends at sleepovers, in cars, or just in their rooms hanging out. If we had to choose one song to rock out with our BFF, it would definitely be “Me and My Girls”! The song is so upbeat and great for dancing, “and we dance like no one’s dancing!” The song basically says it all in the lyrics.

Soundtraxx – Favorite Song from a Movie Or TV Show

Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ – Teen Beach Cast (“Teen Beach Movie”)
Let It Go – Idina Menzel (“Frozen”)
Ooh La La – Britney Spears (“Smurfs 2”)

“Let It Go” has been a huge hit, as a movie and soundtrack. Both boys and girls love the movie and sing along to all the songs. Even if it’s Elsa or Anna singing their lungs out, you see boys singing along to every lyric and we think that’s awesome! Hands down, we think “Let It Go” will take home the prize, if it doesn’t we will be ultimately surprised.

Move! – Best Song To Dance To

Birthday – Selena Gomez
Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs
Wings – Little Mix

All three songs are upbeat and meant for dancing, but which one would you be seen tearing up the dance floor to? We would go with “Wings” by Little Mix. Not only does it have an amazing message about not letting anyone keep you from doing what you want, but the beat has you moving.

Hit The Road – Favorite Roadtrip Song (Sponsored by GEICO)

Best Day of My Life – American Authors
Pass Me By – R5
Made in the USA – Demi Lovato

“Remember that trip we took in Mexico?” We wish we could take a trip with R5. R5’s song “Pass Me By” is about having fun and letting go on a trip, falling in love. That is what a trip is all about and it’s the perfect song to blast with your windows down. Don’t be afraid to sing at the top of your lungs!

And there we have it! Who do YOU think will be winning big at this year’s RDMA’s? Make sure to tune in this Sunday, April 27th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel for all the fun!

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