CelebSecrets4U Takes You Inside So You Think You Can Dance’s Season 12 Finale Rehearsal – Get the Scoop!

Mayra Perez/CelebSecrets4U
Mayra Perez/CelebSecrets4U
Mayra Perez/CelebSecrets4U

We are just a few hours away from finding out who America’s Favorite Dancer is from the twelfth season of FOX’s hit seriesSoYou ThinkYou Can Dance!

To get you excited for the star-studded finale, CelebSecrets4U is giving you an exclusiveinside look to what you can expect from the incredible group number the Top 20 contestants have up their sleeve this evening.

On Friday, we headed back to theSo You Think You Can Danceset to some of the final rehearsals for the big day. Within the time weobserved, we noticed how quickly each dancer learned the choreography and how excited they were to perform this number at the finale. Although they were enjoying themselves dancing to this routine, the dance appeared warrior-like; as it was fast paced and had sharp hand movements. In addition to the fast-paced choreography, the song used for the pieceseemedto build up slowly as theintensity escalated. There is no doubt that this performance will be striking towards the audience and the judges 🙂

In addition to this group performance, Jenna Dewan Tatumand Team Stage CaptainTravisWallwill takethe stage for a duet andthe Top 10 will perform with 10 all-stars. American Ballet Theatre principal dancerHerman Cornejo,hip-hop dance groupAcademy of Villains, and all-starCyrus Spencerwith 10-year-old hip-hop dance prodigyPhoenix LilMiniwill also be making special appearance throughout the evening.

Who do you think will be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer? Will it beGaby Diaz, Hailee Payne, Virgil Gadson,orJana “Jaja” Vankova? Tune in to the season 12 finale ofSo You Think You Can DanceTONIGHTSeptember 14th @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

Photos: Mayra Perez/CelebSecrets4U

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