Chelsea Dash Debuts New Track “Quicksand” – Listen Now!


Chelsea Dash is sharing an advance listen of her new single “Quicksand!”

This hypnotic pop track was cowritten by Dash and multi-platinum songwriter/producer Chris Rojas about a “toxic relationship” between one of her girlfriends and a guy she was dating, but confesses she too has been caught up in one of these relationships in the past. She further explains the song is about your typical “bad boy” who used his charm and looks to get what he wants and pull her back into his twisted games.

“Even though she knew he was bad news, he always seemed to be able to pull her back in somehow. We nicknamed him ‘Mr. Quicksand.’ I think every girl has dated a ‘Mr Quicksand’ at some point in her life and can relate!”

Chelsea Dash is a fierce feminist singer/songwriter eluding honestly, fierceness, confidence and more into her music. This hypnotic pop single is just the first of more new music coming to her album Dangerous, out July 22nd, which we can’t wait to listen to.

Dash is all about projecting strength and confidence, writing and sharing songs with her fans about projecting who you really are and not settling for anything less. Something every person can relate with and should hear.

Check out Chelsea Dash‘s lyric video for “QuickSand” below:

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