Chloë Grace Moretz Launches “A Box For Your Box” Campaign with Monthly Gift.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Monthly Gift. announced the launch of “A Box For Your Box” campaign in partnership with actress Chloë Grace Moretz and and feminine hygiene organization Days For Girls.

Monthly Gift., a company built by women for women, goal to help all women across the United States have better access to feminine care. Every box that is purchased in the month of March, Monthly Gift will donate a box of feminine care products to women who do not have access to hygiene products.
FullSizeRenderMoretz who is an outspoken advocate among young women, said, “Every woman deserves to feel like her best self every day, and nothing should hold her back. I am passionate about this cause and so proud to work with Monthly Gift. and Days For Girls to provide the means to women in need around the world – and right here in our backyard.”

Monthly Gift. is a feminine care subscription-based service app that allows users to track their menstrual cycle, mood, symptoms, sexual activity and protection, as well as set reminders for period and fertility status, birth control, monthly breast exams and annual OBGYN appointments. They also can delivers a Little Black Box in time for each subscriber’s next cycle. (How Cool?)

“We believe all women have the right to feminine hygiene products and are so thrilled to partner with Days For Girls and to have the support of Chloë,” said Kimmy Scotti, CEO and Founder of Monthly Gift. “It is our mission to not only offer an accessible product, but also to raise awareness, educate and empower women about their own bodies and health.”

It’s awesome to have a company and organization run by women to empower women!

For more information, visit or follow @monthlygift on Instagram and @realmonthlygift on Twitter.

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