CS4U Gets the Exclusive Details on Brooke Sorenson’s New Video “3 Days” – Read Our Q&A! (@brookensorenson)

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As the saying goes: Nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. But whoever said change had to be a bad thing?

In Brooke Sorenson’s new music video for her fun and empowering song 3 Days, the “No Ordinary Sky” songstress proves that you can easily recover from anything, all it takes is time.

In the video, Sorenson finds herself to be another victim of the Heartbreaker, Emery Kelly (Forever in Your Mind) and quickly becomes distraught over the break-up. After a couple of days of some alone time, her friends come over and  try to cheer her up. By the 3rd day, Brooke is back on the her feet and enjoying herself and the good vibes. Towards the end of the video, she’s having fun, being care-free, and possibly finds a new love interest.

We recently caught up with the 16 year-old songstress to talk all things 3 days and much more!

CS4U: The music video for your second single “3 days” is all about a girl who’s taking her time to get over a difficult break-up. What are 3 things that you do to get yourself through a hard time?

Brooke Sorenson: “Invite my best girlfriends over, think about the positive things in my life, and talk it out.”

CS4U: Your Instagram (brookesorenson) is filled with many beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes. Do you have a favorite saying that really resonates with you?

Brooke Sorenson: “So hard to choose, but one that kind of goes along with “3 Days” and girl empowerment is:

“She believed she could, so she did.”

I love this because I feel that self-love and respect is very important. When you love someone you encourage them and you believe in them, why can’t we do the same for ourselves? Believe that you can do something, believe that you are unique and beautiful, and believe that you can get through anything!”

CS4U: You and your sister, Lolli, have a YouTube channel together which is nearly at 10,000 subscribers! How much fun is it making weekly videos with her?

Brooke Sorenson: “So much fun! We love creating new content together. I’ve never really gotten to work with her on anything before as far as acting, and now that we are building a channel together we are having a blast! Sister power :)”

CS4U: You did a hilarious prank call video with your sister a few months back that had me cracking up from start to finish! If you could choose 3 celebrities to prank call, who would you choose?

Brooke Sorenson:  “1) Jonah Hill  2) Jennifer Aniston  3) Adam Sandler”

CS4U: You recently attended the Respect Awards with your boyfriend Gavin Macintosh. How was it?

Brooke Sorenson: “Yes! The Respect Awards were amazing, it is really important to me to show my support for equality, respect, and embracing our differences.”

CS4U: You and Gavin have been together for quite a while now. How do you manage 3 shows, a thriving music career, a YouTube channel and having a boyfriend all at the same time?

Brooke Sorenson: “I always find downtime no matter what! Even if I am super duper busy, I make sure to leave some time for myself.”

CS4U: What inspired the creativity and fun behind music video for “3 days” ?

Brooke Sorenson: “The song is so fun, and all about girl empowerment so I wanted the music video to really show that with bright colors, Cheerleaders, Onesies, and slumber parties! Get ready! ;)”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, do you have a secret or a hidden talent that your fans don’t know about?

Brooke Sorenson: “Secret… Hmm… I went trick or treating this year! HA! I’m not too old yet right?!”


Don’t forget to check out Brooke’s upbeat anthem 3 days and  OUT NOW!


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