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CS4U Talks Best Dressed at the 2014 MTV VMAs (@MTV #VMAs)


The MTV Video Music Awards are like the Grammy’s hard partying cousin, and the fashion is no exception. An artist’s clothes can complement their performance, or distract from it; reinforce their image…or give them a new one. From meat dresses to pigtail buns, VMA fashion has always been risky, bold, and sexy, with even the standard men’s suit and tie combo getting edgy. Let’s check out whose wardrobes we wanted to raid (or maybe just admire from afar) this year.

In no particular order, our best dressed VMA guys and gals are:


1). Kesha. Okay, we’re OBSESSED with her rainbow hair, and this studded white dress is the perfect amount of edgy, sexy, and yet sophisticated to go with the singer’s revamped image. Kesha’s style is killing it all over recently, and we’re happy to see it keep up here.


2). 5 Seconds of Summer. This was a huge night for the guys, and they’re staying true to themselves by showcasing their punk/rock passion, complete with the obligatory leather vests and bandanas. They look good together, but not boyband matchy-matchy.


3). Nick Jonas. Do we dare say that this is the best outfit Nick has ever worn on a red carpet (because…um…we totally keep track)? The “Chains” singer looks incredibly dapper and HOT.

4). Miley Cyrus. She may have toned it down from last year, but Miley’s all black leather ensemble is totally chic and and playful, just like her.

5). Nina Dobrev. The wide belt makes Nina’s waist look super small, and the proportions of the dress with just the pop of red at the top are just right.

6). Laverne Cox. The Orange is the New Black star looks super glamorous in this sequined black dress.

7). Iggy Azalea. Iggy knocks the VMA look out of the park with this shiny, futuristic corset look. The slicked back hair lets her gorgeous face shine.



8). Jessie J. The “Bang Bang” singer looks like a dark-haired Grecian goddess in this flowy light green dress.

9). Becky G. Becky takes on the crop top trend too, but with a super cool studded skirt to add some extra edge.



10). Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The Jenner girls are always on point and complement each other well–each sister’s all black look suits her personal style well.









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