Daisy Head Talks New ‘Guilt’ Episodes & Working With Her Father – Read Our Exclusive Q&A Here!

If you haven’t been watching Freeform‘s new murder mystery series, Guilt, you should definitely catch up!

The series follows the search for a killer who brutally murdered a young woman, Molly Ryan, in her London Flat. The investigation twists through many layers of the London society — from a posh but depraved sex club, all the way up to the Royal Family itself — and everyone is trying to figure out everyone else’s secrets.

However, Grace Atwood, Molly’s roommate, quickly becomes the prime suspect and a popular target for the press and social media.

We recently spoke to Daisy Head, who plays Grace, to talk about the show and its upcoming episodes. Daisy discussed what it was like playing a morally ambiguous character, what’s in store for Grace in these next few episodes, and what it’s like working with her dad (Anthony Head, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) on the show. Plus, she also gave us a little secret about her co-star Emily Tremaine, so make sure to check out our exclusive Q&A with Daisy below!

Guilt airs Mondays at 9 PM ET on Freeform.

Celeb Secrets: I’ve been following the show so far and it’s pretty intense. At this point, everyone seems guilty of something. Do you know who the killer is yet?

Daisy Head: “Now having wrapped filming, we all know, but during filming, no one knew. We filmed in five blocks, so we were doing two episodes in sort of two weeks and we were getting the episodes before the block, I don’t know, like a week before we started shooting, so it was very much as the series was unfolding, we were learning new things and trying to piece together who we thought had the most responsibility for varying things. It was really fascinating because it allowed us to play the ambiguity genuinely because you don’t know who to trust and you’re harboring several secrets and you are working out how to lead people slightly astray maybe and you’re very specific about what lies you’re telling and who your allies are and who you need to keep close and who you need to keep closer. It was fascinating and it was super exciting.”

Celeb Secrets: In the last episode, Grace was struggling with social media and people attacking her thinking she was the killer, so what can we expect from her in next week’s episode? Will that video she posted kind of steer the police and media away from her or will she still be the center of attention?

Daisy Head: “It does, and you saw at the end of episode three, she’s won things in her favor. Suddenly she’s got a lot more support, but her relationship with Luc is a very turbulent one, and again, she tries to, she tries to make allies. It’s really important for her and also for her parents to, when she makes friends, she likes to keep them really close because they are her allies and she’s struggled with, you know, trusting people and putting her faith in people, and with that, the whole social media situation, she felt really let down by people and this whole sort of cyberbullying aspect of it really took her by surprise, I think, and she just wasn’t expecting being thrusted in the spotlight in this way. You know there’s a saying that it’s better to be talked about than to not be talked about at all, but in this respect, I don’t think that’s the case for Grace. I think, despite seeming like she likes attention and blah, blah, blah, it’s not the kind of attention that anyone would welcome, so you see her kind of trying to deal with it, pick herself back up and kind of take things a little more on the chin and just move on. She’s still grieving the loss of her best friend and that’s at the core of it, so she’s incredibly emotional and, you know, I obviously can’t say the secrets that she is holding close to her chest, and she is keeping them very close to her chest, so regardless of whether she did or didn’t do it, everyone in the press was making out like for all intents and purposes that she was a murderer and it’s really difficult, whether it’s true or not, like I think there’s an element of self-doubt as well, so she’s kind of in this sort of panic and to be judged on that has been really difficult.”

Celeb Secrets: Grace’s sister, Natalie, and her attorney, Stan, are kind of digging into the case. Will Natalie let Grace get involved in any of that?

Daisy Head: “Well she’s not, because she’s a lawyer in the U.S., she’s not really strictly allowed to. I think it would be very difficult. She wants to, I think, she needs to play more of the sister and she needs to be there for Grace, emotionally, emotionally supporting her because she is the closest person to Grace, and so I think she needs to kind of keep the legal side of things at arm’s length because it’s a very, it’s a rocky situation because, naturally, whether she doesn’t want to admit it, there are moments when she doubts her sister and quite right because Grace is really hard to read. She’s very ambiguous, and I honestly playing her, as I was reading the script, I didn’t know what to make of her and there are secrets, which as the series unfolds you will learn, I think that’s why they try to keep certain things at a certain distance because otherwise it’s just too complex. Leave the legal stuff to Stan as much as it pains her to do so.”

Celeb Secrets: Now your dad is also on the show, so how is it working with him?

Daisy Head: “It’s the most wonderful thing. I just wax lyrical about it and him because he’s a wonderful actor and a wonderful father and I’ve learned and continue to learn so much from him as an actor and, you know, if I’m at home or have takes that come through, he’s always my go-to. I’m like please can direct me on this, I’d really love your help. He just gives me so much and just having the opportunity to work with him in such a close way, on screen, and have the camera capture it and not having to manufacture any kind of real relationship because it’s just so genuine is honestly the best thing and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to do this because I know it’s quite a rare thing and I’m incredibly luck to have that opportunity.”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you tell us a secret about yourself or maybe a secret from behind the scenes of Guilt that fans may not know?

Daisy Head: “One secret, it’s not really a secret, but one thing that the fans won’t know, it’s about Emily Tremaine. She was in a Bulgarian tampon commercial. I don’t know if she’ll like that I just told you that, but oh well (laughs).”

Photos: Angus Young/Freeform

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