David Letterman And Selena Gomez Bond! (@SelenaGomez @Late_Show)

Selena Gomez has many friends, and she gained a new one after being on the Late Show with David Letterman promoting her new flick, Spring Breakers. Selena stopped by to talk about her new, more mature, and edgy character in the flick. David however wanted to hear about her love life… David Letterman asked if she was dating, and Selena said no, she’s single. Then he proceeded to talk about her ex-Justin Bieber and how the last time he stopped by The Late Show, words were exchanged and he made him cry. Selena responded by laughing and saying well that makes two of of, then hey pounded it and blew it up. Check out the clip for yourself!

What did YOU think about Selena on The Late Show?