Debby Ryan’s Hat Jam Sesh of Guilty As Charged

Disney Starlet Debby Ryan recently posted a new video on her Youtube Page. She wrote this along with the extremely chill video:

“One time my buddies & I had a hat party in the Ryan River Studio. We grabbed a bunch of instruments, let the bunny out, and jammed “Guilty As Charged” by Gym Class Heroes feat. Estelle.
-PITCH MICHAEL played acoustic & BG vox with LEVI PITCHER rapping & drumming on the other guitar like a boss; CHASE RYAN produced the track & owned that xylophone, while JOHNNY FRANCO brought the rhythm with lap-claps & tambo. Had to jam with one of my favourite YouTube finds, the crazy talented 14yr old vocal beast, GABBIE RAE. And I rapped, sang, & played some chorus frog.
-Good ol’ Pitch & I had a ball with all things directing, shooting, and editing, so thanks for your skillz, time, camera, being awesome, etc… You’re literally the bee’s knees. literally. bznz.
-Big thanks to Dolly, who lended her hands & eyes to shoot some pretty footage. & a big thanks to Casanova, for eating the flower arrangements.
yo Twitter: @RyanRiverStudio @TheDebbyRyan @TheChaseRyan @GabbieRaeRocks @PitchMichael @LeviPitcher & @JohnnyFranco777 adore you!
thanks for jamming with us. there may be more to come; what songs would you love to hear & friends would you love to see?
you rule.
-d & the River”

What did YOU think of the video & cover?

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