Decisions Music Video Is Out Now! (@borgore @mileycyrus)

We all fell in love is Decisions when it came out late this Summer, and now the smash dub-step hit has a equally as fantastic video to go with it. The video shot at the beach and Hollywood’s Iconic Beachers Madhouse and had all the makings of a hit music video. The video starts with Borgore riding his bicycle down the sidewalk at the beach, pulling a giant cake. He then arrives in Hollywood for a giant party in his honor, with little people bouncers, who we wouldn’t wanna mess with! Once inside he is surrounded by beautiful people, dancing and having a great time, then trying to find the perfect cake. He finds his perfect cake and Miley makes an appearance, as does her fiancee Liam Hemsworth, although you wouldn’t know it because he has a mask on. The video ends with Borgore and Miley riding off into the sunrise. Check out the amazing video for yourself, we small a VMA Nom in 2013 for this one!

What did YOU think of the video?