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Demi Lovato On Good Morning America!

Teen Queen Demi Lovato is living out her dream to the fullest these days. From Singing in front of thousands of screaming Lovatics on her summer tour, to being a Judge on X-Factor and becoming BFF’s with L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell, and Britney Spears, gracing magazine covers, and letting her music do the talking for her. The attention  that Demi has gotten from her battle with depression, cutting, and an eating disorder has made her stronger, wiser, and a great role model. Demi has been open and honest since she came out of rehab last year, she lets fans in, and hears them out, she gives advice, and sings her heart pout, she gives hope to those who may feel lost, and she is a shining light for those around her.

This morning Demi performed in front of hundreds of fans in Central Park, and millions of viewers at home on Good Morning America. The young starlet sang two songs from her newest album including, Skyscraper and Give Your Heart A Break. Demi also sat down with GMA to do a pre-performance interview. Demi opens up about what being a role model means to her and what the road leading up to her getting help, and getting better.  Demi also talks about her upcoming 20th birthday, and how it will differ from years past. Check out Demi’s performance and interview here courtesy of joeyzolanski.

Give Your Heart A Break:


Demi’s GMA Interview:


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