Demi Lovato Takes Lovatics By Surprise With Her Latest Music Video for “Waiting For You” ft. Sirah – Watch the Video Now! (@ddlovato @sirah)

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America
Demi Lovato performing at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival (Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America)
Demi Lovato at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival (Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)


Demi Lovato just dropped the music video for track no.7 Waiting For You ft. Sirah from her newly released album Confident and it will give you goosebumps in places you didn’t know existed!

As the instrumental begins, you get a “Halsey” meets “Beyoncé” feel. The hip-hop beat continues while the camera focuses on Demi (whose looking absolutely flawless in her signature, Confident bomber jacket). The 23 year-old goddess completely slays through-out the video, singing about how she’s got her “knuckles out” and “won’t back down” because she’s “waiting for you”. Then, Sirah comes into the video and begins rapping her explicit and “jaw-dropping” verse. As you listen to the lyrics, you start to think Demi is talking about one of her exes that did her wrong. But when the video reaches its final scene, we see her standing in front of her old school (Cross Timbers Middle School). This is the infamous school where Lovato was said to have been bullied and harassed to the point that she had no other choice, but to leave. She is known for the empowering messages her videos portray, but this by far is the loudest. At one point she sings,

“Yeah, don’t take things too personal. But you make sh** personal. Talkin’ bout my bad habits. Man, f*** my bad habits. Don’t act like you got none.”

Talk about confident! This inspiring, fierce anthem showcases everything Demi Lovato has overcome and we couldn’t be more proud!

Get your hands on Demi Lovato’s latest album Confident OUT NOW!

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