Demi Lovato Wants You To Vote!

Former Disney Teen Queen Demi Lovato has taken to her twitter and urged her millions of followers to vote! She wants every Lovatic, and RObot, and everyone really, to vote TONIGHT for Roshon and Chelsie on Dancing With the Stars! Demi Tweeted this:

To vote for Roshon you need to call starting at 8:00 PM local time, and you have until an hour after the show finishes airing in your time zone to vote, call (800) 868-3405. AT&T users can text VOTE for 3405 and you can place online votes until 9AM Pacific Standard Time/Noon Eastern Time tomorrow. Make sure to use every vote, and don’t let Roshon get in the Bottom Two Again!

Will you be voting?

What do you think?

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