Demi Lovato’s New Jersey Concert Love!

Demi Lovato, always a rock star, didn’t let a little weather bring her and her fans down on Friday. Rain, Thunder, and Lightning? Nothing Demi and her Lovatics can’t handle! Demi came out on stage, rocking a super cute outfit of a Black and White Blazer paired with a sheer black fish net shirt, red shiny shorts, black tights and black platform shoes. She started off the night right with “All Night Long,” “Dynamite,” “Hold Up,” and “Get Back” having the time of her life on stage. She took out the time to thank all of her fans for coming out saying, “Thank you so much for coming, You guys are amazing. Let me just tell you guys, I love being in Jersey. It is one of my favorite places. You guys are the rowdiest fans.”

Demi later on rocked out to “Catch Me” and “My Love Is A Star” the thunder and lightning at this point only made her songs that much stronger, almost like they were meant to go off when they did. Demi then got very personal with her fans, something she loves to do, “This next song is a pretty personal song for me, how many of you guys have been through a breakup? As you all know I’ve been through a few. I’ve been there and I made it through. I love you and I’m always there for you.” She then of course went right into “Fix A Heart” followed by her favorite cover “How To Love.” Demi got emotional during that set which only made her Lovatics root for her that much more, you could see many people getting emotional with her.

Demi then took a second to compose herself before turning the stage back into a party singing her flirty “Who’s That Boy,” empowering “You’re My Only Shorty,” lesson learning “Here We Go Again,” and California favorite “La La Land.” Demi again turned to the crow and let them know about whats been going on in her life recently, “Recently I’ve been working on a show ‘X Factor’ I get to sit next to Britney Spears. Now I’m gonna slow it down a little bit. Basically I just want to see you guys, can everyone hold up your cell phones, glow sticks, lighters if  you’re old school.” She then went into the ever emotional “Lightweight” which made then entire song that much more amazing.

Demi then went over to her piano to get ready for her first single of this album, “Skyscraper,” but before she started singing she let her fans know something special, that many saw on her MTV special, “Before my concerts I get to do a meet-and-greet with some of my fans, and some are brave enough to share some of their stories,” and right as it was getting really intimate and emotional a guitar fell over and Demi jokingly said, “Well there goes that moment. You don’t realize I got through my issues and my problems because of you guys.” Demi followed with a cover of “Turn Up The Music” followed by “Together” and “Remember December” for what was scheduled to be the end of the concert. However her Lovatics could not and would not let that be the end. Deafening screaming and chanting for Demi kept the energy level high and made Demi come back out for two more songs “Unbroken” and “Give Your Heart A Break.”

Special Thanks To: XNicole5, xx19alyssaxx, leonardo91342, and desireedianax3 for the videos.

Will YOU be or have YOU been to any of Demi’s Concerts this Summer?