Desperate Housewives: Kiss Them Good-Bye

Today marks a sad day in every Desperate Housewives fan, the final table read meaning the final episode, the series finale taping will begin. As we all know Desperate Housewives has been one of ABC top rated shows in the 8 seasons it has aired. There have been many shocking moments, happy moments, and moments of grieving. The series finale has said to be perfect with every loose end tied up, however it may not be a fair tail ending for everyone. We will have the return of Dana Delany’s Katherine Mayfair, possibly a birth, and of course find out what will happen to Bree & the girls following the investigation. Mark your calendars, the show comes back on April 29th with only two episodes left before the series finale airs Sunday May 13th, 2012. Check out the pictures from todays final table read.

Will YOU be watching the epic Series Finale?