EP Review: We Listen to Hailee Steinfeld’s Debut Record “HAIZ”


Republic Reccords recording artist Hailee Steinfeld’s brand new EP titled HAIZ is out now and features four hit songs including her hit single “Love Myself,” which currently has over 40 million views on YouTube.

The Oscar-nominated actress has made 2015 her year to cross over into the pop world, and she’s the real deal! With a catchy, sing-along sound and a lyrical inspiration like Taylor Swift, we know her music will be a hit.

Hailee says her EP was named “HAIZ” because fans have been calling her Haiz for a while, so it felt as if the fans named the EP. She has been receiving tons of support from other teen celebs including Austin Mahone, who instagramed a photo of himself getting “HAIZ” tattooed on his forearm!


Here are our thoughts on each track…


“Love Myself” 

“Love Myself” is Hailee’s Hit Single. This fun, upbeat song has made a name for the singers new EP. With this new single Hailee joins artist, Taylor Swift with feminist expression through their lyrics!  

“Hell Nos And Headphones”

“Hell Nos And Headphones” has a cool vibe to it. Judgment is certainly not something Hailee is worried about with her confident response of “Hell Nos and Headphones”. 

“Rock Bottom”

“Rock Bottom” maintains the fun, inspirational  vibe of the EP. It seems as if Hailee is an optimist who sees the brighter side of life. With her line “We’re on the right side of rock bottom” and “we keep on coming back for more” 

“You’re Such A”

Hailee you’re such a…. inspiration! We love your girl power in this single. This fun single is one that almost all can relate to in some way or another, and that also goes for the entire EP!

Congrats Hailee, your confidence is killing it!

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