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Rick Rowell/ABC Family
Rick Rowell/ABC Family

ABC Family’s most controversial drama series,The Fosters,is getting better and better every week!

CelebSecrets4U caught up withCierra Ramirezto get the 4-1-1 on what’s coming up for her character, Mariana.Cierrarevealed details on Mariana’s love life, life without Lexi, Brandon and Callie, and so much more!

Take a read at the Q&A below.

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Will this half of the season finally give Mariana the chance to be happy with her new possibly love interest?

Cierra: “Well, you did see Mariana deal with some very dark issues on the first half of the season, so it has definitely lightened up. But I wouldnt say that its all just gone. A lot of her stuff will come back to haunt her, so you can definitely look forward to some dark stuff coming up.”

Would you say Mariana is struggling without Lexi around?

Cierra: “It is a story that will continue, and youve kind of seen how the relationship and dynamic has changed with Lexi now dating her brother. Youre going to see how that kind of comes into play. And with her leaving, yes, I definitely think that she will miss Lexi in her life.”

What has been Marianas most important & pivotal moment?

Cierra: “I think it would have to be episode 9, where Stef is in the hospital. You see all of the issues that shes dealt with bottle up and come out. The reason her mother is in the hospital is because of her, so shes left with this guilt. She got shot because she was in contact with the biological mom and with that she wonders if Lena and Stef want to keep her or if they still love her. I think that she really needed to hear from Lena and Stef that she really is part of this family. It was just something she dealt with, growing up and being curious it did get her into some trouble, and I think that at the end of the day she really needed to know that she was loved. That was my most favorite. It was the toughest. Im a sucker for anything, you know, Im very dramatic. I love crying, and I just think that episode was just so beautiful.”

How does Mariana feel about the near loss of a potential sister after Callie ran away?

Cierra: “I think thats really hard, especially coming from a fostering background. Up until the Fosters Mariana hasnt really known a family, and up until Callie she was the only girl sibling in the household. At first she was a little territorial and she didnt really take a liking to Callie. But youve seen their relationship bond. Theyve gotten so close, and for her to leave like that was hard on the whole family, especially Brandon. I think it is really hard. Shes never had a sisterly figure in her life, and for Callie to disappear like that was very hard.”

What is it like working with Garrett Clayton?

Cierra: “Its awesome! Our friendship actually started from our mutual obsession with Kristen Wiig. Were just constantly doing some of her impersonations and impressions. I love working with him. Hes such a great actor and he brings so much to his character Chase. Im really excited to see how it all turns out and have a blast with him on set.”

Can you give away any hints behind Marianas deep and dark secrets?

Cierra: “She doesnt really have as many this half of the season, but like I said, her mistakes will definitely come back to haunt her.”

What issues in the upcoming episodes would you like to see Mariana take on?

Cierra: “If I had to go back to the idea of pressures, pressuring in the teen dating life, I think maybe dealing with the idea of sex or virginity. They have touched it briefly on the show. But I think its different with a girl. I think Mariana would be interesting in that scenario. You might be able to see something like that on this upcoming season. It will be interesting.”

Is there a possibility of something happening between Mariana, Zac and Chase?

Cierra: “Oh, I dont want to give too much away, but maybe youre on to something! You know shes never had a boyfriend, so a lot of that topic will surface and there could possibly be a love triangle.”

What do you think about Jesus finding a new love outside of Lexi?

Cierra: “I dont think that Marianas going to be okay with that. The idea of him dating Lexi — it took so long for her to be okay with. Now that shes fine with it and shes away, I dont know how thats all going to pan out for Jesus.”

What does Mariana feel about Brandon and Callies relationship?

Cierra: “Her relationship with Callie has grown and progressed so much over the first half of the season into this sisterly relationship. Shes known Brandon for so much of her life, thats her brother, and for them to be dating, I dont think she approves. Cierra is definitely Team Brallie, but Marianas definitely not. Ive got to say I love those moments. Brandons truth comes to play — youll see how the whole Foster family really approves or disapproves of it.”



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