Exclusive: Gracie Dzienny Chats ‘Supah Ninjas’ Season 2 Finale @graciedzienny #SupahNinjas

SUPAH NINJASThis Saturday night, Nickelodeon is airing two brand-new episodes of Supah Ninjas!

In Spring Fling, premiering at 9:00PM ET/PT, Mike misses his chance to ask Amanda to the Spring Fling and is broken-hearted when she accepts Flint Forster’s (Cody Christian, Pretty Little Liars) invitation to the dance.  The evening gets worse for Mike when he has to team up with his nemesis to rescue his long-time secret crush, Amanda.  Meanwhile, Amanda struggles with a decision to stay in Empire City or study abroad in Paris for the summer.
In the season two finale, The Floating Sword, the Supah Ninjas are on high alert when Cousin Conner unexpectedly returns to Empire City and discovers that the Kata, an old martial arts form, is the key to finding the Floating Sword.  Now Mike must piece together clues revealing the sword’s location before Cousin Conner and Evil Grandpa find it.

Just this week, Gracie called in to chat with us all about the season two finale, her upcoming projects and so much more! Take a read at the Q&A and our preview below. Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of Supah Ninjas only on Nickelodeon!

CelebSecrets4U: So now season 2 is coming to a close, Supah Ninjas, what can you tell us about the two episodes that are airing on Saturday? 

Gracie Dzienny: “There’s two more, they’re both airing on Saturday. The first one that’s airing at 9:30 is my favorite. It’s a Spring Fling, so it’s kind of like our prom episode, so it was really fun because I have never been to a prom, so I kind of got to help plan it, and the art director helped me, like, came to me and was like, “do you like the set?” and I got to like add things to the set so it was kind of like I got to design my own prom and I got to actually pick out my dress. So it was really fun, but the episode is really cool because Mike really wants to ask Amanda to prom, but he can’t. He’s just too nervous and every single time he tries to do it he can’t, and then Amanda’s kind of on-again, off-again boyfriend, Flint Forster, ends up asking her, and so it’s this whole kind of fight to see who’s going to take Amanda to prom. And then there’s of course a villain in there too, so it’s just a crazy episode and it’s really fun, and a lot is going on in a one hour episode and I’m really excited about it.”

CelebSecrets4U: Oh, that’s so cute!

Gracie: “And then the second episode is our season finale, and that one has a whole lot of action. The past two seasons we’ve been talking about this floating sword, and we actually find the floating sword that we’ve been looking for for so long, so it ends up with a huge battle and it’s a very action-packed episode, and we are fighting Evil Grandpa a lot, which is really cool because that’s something we’ve never done before. So it’s a really fun episode, the first one, and then the second one is very action-packed.”

CelebSecrets4U: Now, the first episode that’s airing, Cody Christian guest stars. What’s it like working with him on set?

Gracie: “Oh my gosh, it’s so much fun working with Cody! We have a lot of fun. We bonded over—we had a Twitter battle, actually, while we were filming this episode, because Cody and I, when we met, we learned we had the same exact number of Twitter followers, like exactly the same, and we were like “whoa, this is weird!” So then we decided to have a battle to see who could get more Twitter followers, so we started this whole battle on Twitter one day, so it was really fun. But Cody just kind of blended in on set and just kind of joined the group. And I even pulled a prank on Ryan and he was totally into it, totally helped me out, and so it was really fun having Cody. And of course I had been a fan of Pretty Little Liars, so it was cool to work with him, when I watched the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars pretty religiously, so it was kind of cool to work with Cody.”

CelebSecrets4U: So why should our readers be tuning in to the season 2 finale this weekend?

Gracie: “So I think readers should definitely tune in because it’s a lot of action, which all the boys will love, but then there’s also this whole romantic element, which is really sweet and really fun, and you’re just rooting for Mike the whole time. You’re just really hoping Mike is finally going to make a move, so there’s this whole romantic element that’s really sweet that girls will love. So I think it’s kind of perfect for everyone, and then, the way our show works is great for family, because parents still like watching it and the kids love it. It’s just, everyone can watch it, it’s not a show that’s just for kids.”

CelebSecrets4U: Do you have anything else in the works that we can expect from you?

Gracie: “Well, I am always working on AwesomenessTV Youtube channel and I have two shows over there. I have “IMO,” which is on every single day, and it’s a girls talk show, and I also have a do-it-yourself craft show that’s on every Tuesday. So those two shows keep me busy, and you can see them there and hear what I’m liking, what are my favorite things of the month, and how I feel about Justin Bieber, and all things like that.”

CelebSecrets4U: Great, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us and we will definitely be tuning in on Saturday for the season 2 finale!

Gracie: “Thank you so much!”

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