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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Devious Maids’ Newest Star Sol Rodriguez – Read The Q&A! (@_solrodriguez)

(Photo Source: Bobby Quillard)
(Photo Source: Bobby Quilard)
(Photo Source: Bobby Quillard)

The new season of the addictive drama/comedy Devious Maids is finally making its return and we’re overzealous for what’s to come.

This season, Argentina-born actress Sol Rodriguez has joined the band of fierce ladies as Daniela Mercado – Carmen Luca’s (Roselyn Sanchez) feisty Puerto Rican cousin who is an aspiring pop star that will do anything to get what she wants. With Daniela’s unexpected arrival to Los Angeles, things are bound to get a bit chaotic.

Prior to landing the role of Daniela Mercado, Sol starred in the Nickelodeon hit series Gratchi. After 200+ episodes, Rodriguez ventured on to star in telenovas such as Marido en Alquiler, Demente Criminal, and Tierra de Reyes, just to name a few. Soon after, she moved across the nation to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. That decision led her snatch up numerous roles, as well as her first film role, You’re Gonna Miss Me.

We recently caught up with the Latina starlet to talk all about Devious Maids, her new role as Daniela, her love for Latin music, the cast of Gratchi, and more!

CS: What are you currently obsessed with?

Sol: “I am currently obsessed with “Kiss and Say Goodbye” from the Manhattans, the show The Walking Dead, the movie Brooklyn, “mom” jeans and oversized t-shirts. I’m a 90s girl and I love representing it in my fashion choices.”

CS: Before you became an actress, you were a singer. Which do you enjoy doing more, singing or acting?

Sol: “I don’t really consider myself a singer, I just did it for fun as a hobby. I definitely like acting a lot since I’m a better actress than I am a singer.”

CS: Do you still keep in touch with your fellow co-stars from Gratchi?

Sol: “My best friends are a majority of the Grachi cast. We spent so much time together and we went through so much that it was impossible not to bond very strongly with some of them and keep them as very good friends. Rafael De La Fuente, Raquel Rojas, Carlos Arrechea, Isabella Castillo – all of them from the cast are my friends.”

CS: What can fans expect from the new season of Devious Maids?

Sol: “I don’t know if it’s because I’m in this season, but it will be extremely funny and dramatic! I think everything is 100% more intense! I can’t wait for the day-one fans of the show to see this season and hear what they have to say  because it’s GOOD!”

CS: Can you tell us more about your character, Daniela Mercado?

Sol: “Dani pretty much comes in to make someone’s life miserable. Not really in a mean way, but she’s young and reckless. She is determined to be a Hollywood star and she’s not going to stop until she makes it.”

CS: Do you feel that you have anything in common with Daniela?

Sol: “Daniela’s behavior isn’t really how I would act. She is definitely more of a rebel than what I was at her age. And intentionally or maybe it’s just because she’s too young, she hurts people on the way to get what she wants and that’s definitely not me. What we do have in common is that we are fighting for our dreams and that we work hard for it.”

CS: What’s it like working with the Devious Maids cast?

Sol: “Everyone (and when I say everyone I mean it) since day one treated me like one of them, like I was part of the family from the beginning of the show. They gave me so much respect and were so much fun. Everyone is great and so talented. I loved every minute of shooting the show.”

CS: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Sol: “I am working on enjoying my come back to Los Angeles. I was shooting Devious for four months in Atlanta, and I can’t wait for the premiere June 6th. So I’m pretty busy taking care of that right now.”

CS: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you tell us a secret about yourself?

Sol: “Something I used to do every morning in my “camerino” [dressing room] was put Latin music on really loud, then I would dance and sing before I had to go to set. It’s something that makes me happy. Latin music runs through my veins so to be in such a foreign place like Atlanta and be able to listen to it made me feel less homesick.”

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