Exclusive: People Like Us Review

CelebSecrets4U was invited to a special screening for People Like Us last night. People like us was a relatable story about how difficult relationships can be with family, but in the end, family is your blood, and all you will ever really need. The movie starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Michael Hall D’Addario, Philip Baker Hall, Mark Duplass and Michelle Pfeiffer  was extremely well written, and had amazing acting. The movie was light-hearted when it need to be, there were moments that made everyone in the theater laugh, cry, feel joy, and as some point feel the way the characters had felt. The story line between Chris Pine’s character Sam and Elizabeth Banks Frankie was interesting, going into the movie not knowing how they would make it work, and fearing one would fall in love with the other not knowing they are related, however it was clear from the beginning that would not happen.

Sam’s father passes away and reveals to his son that he had a daughter, the sister Sam never knew. Michael Hall D’Addario plays Josh, Frankie’s only son, who is an outsider desperately trying to fit in, even if it means getting in trouble. Sam comes to realize that Frankie and Josh are two people he desperately wants in his life, and when the truth comes out, a fight breaks out. Sam’s character goes from arrogant and cocky to sweet and mature by the end of the movie. Movie goers will feel the end of the movie was done perfectly, answering a question that had been going through your head at the begnning of the movie.

This is a movie for the family, for movie goers of all ages. Whether you’re a 70-year-old grandmother, or a 10-year-old kid, there is a relatable character for everyone in this movie. People like us hits theaters Friday June 29th, and we for one, will be going to see it again.

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