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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: 20 Ways to Deal With Your PERIOD with Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs

Previously, Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs taught viewers 20 Ridiculous Ways to Reject Someone via their 20 Ways series on AwesomenessTV. This week, Alexis and Alyx are back to teach all of us about 20 Ways to Deal With Your Period and we here at CelebSecrets4U have your exclusive first look at the video before it drops today at 3:00pm PT.

Ladies, we are sure that you can all agree that periods are basically the worst, so let Alexis and Alyx guide you through the worst time of every month by watching the video down below:

Make sure to head on over to AwesomenessTV in order to watch more of 20 Ways and make sure you tweet us your thoughts about this video!

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