EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Alexander “Can’t Sleep Without You” Music Video

We here at Celeb Secrets know that Mondays can be a drag, so we thought we’d kick off this week with a new music video!

Today, we have the honor of premiering Alexander’s latest music for his most recent single, “Can’t Sleep Without You.” Both the song and video is something that most people will be able to relate to. This song describes how many have felt after a breakup; sometimes the best way to occupy your mind is to just drive.

Not only can you watch the music video here before anywhere else, but we also had a chance to sit down and talk to Alexander about this music video as well as his upcoming EP, which drops on August 12th.

Celeb Secrets: Today, the music video for your single, “Can’t Sleep Without You,” dropped. What was the most memorable part of filming said video?

Alexander: Getting to drive that 1968 Mustang Fastback, hands down! It was awesome driving a car with so much power and speed but also slightly terrifying. The owner told me right before we started shooting the car scene, “This is a $40,000 car. You break it, you buy it.” After that, I drove like my mom was in the passenger seat the whole time.

Celeb Secrets: With your debut EP dropping on August 12th, what more can you tell us about the EP as a whole?

Alexander: This EP represents a whole new stage of my life and journey as an artist. There’s been heartaches and struggles with moving away from home to pursue a dream that I’ve been chasing since I was 12 years old. Having to start over as a solo artist and not having band members or friends to have your back. A few songs play out on my difficulties with relationships and how I’ve dealt with them. It talks about my naivety as a songwriter/artist in Nashville and learning very quickly that not everyone has your best intentions in mind. All the songs on the EP come from real experiences that I want to share.

Celeb Secrets: For those who are unfamiliar to your music, how would you describe your sound to them?

Alexander: The million dollar question. I would describe my sound as pop but with an edge, with elements of organic and electronic instruments. I try to incorporate my love for piano and guitar into each song since that’s how I write them initially. The artists I feel I sound similar to stylistically are probably Jason Derulo, and Justin Beiber.

Celeb Secrets: What are some of your goals as an artist?

Alexander: To be able to do a U.S. tour and connect with new people and fans all over the country. Ultimately, I want my music and lyrics to help people through those tough times when they don’t think anyone is listening or cares. I want my live show to be transformational and engage my fans as much as I can.

Celeb Secrets: Based on your twitter, it is clear that you love both coffee and breakfast foods; what are some of your favorite spots in Nashville?

Alexander: I’m a coffee addict for sure. If I could be sponsored by a coffee company, I would be. You know it’s bad when you walk into a coffee shop and they ask, “Do you want your usual?” I feel like I’m on an episode of Cheers, where everybody knows my name. My favorite coffee shop in Nashville is The Post East. It’s within walking distance from my place and it’s a great place to hang out and where I write some of my lyrics too. East Nashville, has some amazing breakfast tacos. They’re hard to pass up.

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, an you share a secret about yourself to our readers?

Alexander: A lot of people don’t know that my first experience in Nashville, was starring in a Country music video for Scotty McCreery. My friends would send me pictures of the video playing in stores, or on TV and freak out. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even get my name right in the credits, and used one of the extras name instead. It was a lot of fun and I got to pretend to be a soldier for a day. They were trying to get me to shave my head to look the part but that didn’t happen. The Director and I both agreed I wasn’t getting paid enough for that.

Watch Alexander’s latest music video down below and make sure you follow him on Twitter and Instagram in order to stay in the loop about his upcoming EP!

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