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image003Bad Girls All Star Battle hits Oxygen this week!

Hosted by actor, musician, and heartthrob Ray J, “Bad Girls All Star Battle” takes the rivalry outside the mansion and onto the playing field, pitting 14 of the biggest names in “Bad Girls Club” history under one roof to compete for $100,000 and the title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”  Kicking off Tuesday, May 21 at 9PM ET/PT on Oxygen with a supersized 90-minute premiere, these fan favorites will square off in a series of outrageous physical and brain teasing challenges and put it all on the line in a drama-filled hard core competition.  Beginning Tuesday, May 28, the series will move to its regular time of 8 PM ET/PT.  For more information, visit www.oxygen.com.

“Bad Girls All Star Battle” is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions with Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Rick de Oliveira serving as executive producers and Sam Berns, Zach Kozeck and Erin Cristall as co-executive producers.

CelebSecrets4U chatted with Ray J to get all the details on the new “bad girls” series. Check it out below.

How did you become apart of “Bad Girls All Star Battle?

Ray J: Well, it was brought to my attention by my TV Manager, David Weintraub, and I’ve always been a fan of the Bad Girls Club, so I had a couple of meetings with Oxygen and you know we just – it was just the perfect match. I mean I was really excited and interested in doing this show, so from there, it was just pretty much kind of like building a relationship, kind of showing my enthusiasm, and you know everything worked out, and so I’m real excited to be a part of the team.

What is your description of a real “bad girl?”

Ray J: My description of a real bad girl is a girl that never gives up, a girl that is confident in herself, a girl that has been through things and maybe has been knocked down and got right back up and kept fighting and kept going. And you know a real true bad girl is a girl that has maybe been through some things, but still is a winner and continues to go on with her life as a champion.

You and Kim Kardashian both have over the years really had successful reality TV careers, but I wanted to know why you think both of you have been so successful in this genre?

Ray J: I mean you know we kind of – you know we have been there kind of from the start. Like I think when reality first started, people were a little bit afraid of it, but you know now it’s the new wave, it’s the new TV, it’s pop culture. You know it’s everything in one as far as entertainment. It has its own space now and I think we saw it from the beginning, and I think you know now, it’s just evolved, it’s so big.

You know everybody wants to do reality, everybody wants to you know have a show about you know their life or their family, and a lot of people think it’s easy, but it’s not. You know I think people are really handpicking the right people to fit this space and I just think that you know we’ve always kept it real. We’ve kept it (100) and we are still here.

What connects you to these girls besides your bad boy persona?

Ray J: Thank you. Well getting to know the girls is really when you know I got the connection just kind of knowing their background and you know where they come from and why they were you know on the show and why they were competing is how we connected. Again, as I said before, you know the reasons why they are coming on this show to win the money is touching and it gets to your heart.

And for the most part, you know I’ve been in this space. I’ve had to deal with emotions every week and eliminations and so I was familiar with it. Of course, you know, it was nothing that I expected coming on this show because it just took everything to the next level, but I’ve been in this kind of space before. Now, it’s just on a whole other level.

Do you have a favorite bad girl after you know hosting this show and getting to know all of these girls and why they are there and a little bit more about their story. Do you have a favorite?

Ray J: I don’t have a favorite because that would be wrong, but I do – I have you know – I have my different – like we all have different things that we laugh about whenever we can on the show. Like I have to for sure keep the authority going and keep a straight – keep my mind straight and make sure everything is running smooth, but all the girls are cool man.

We all laugh when we have a chance to and we joke when there is a good time or whenever I have to step in and maybe try to break something up. They try to at least you know let me help a little bit, so all of the girls are cool. I don’t have a favorite. They are all my favorites.

So what is the difference for you being the host as compared to being a participant on the show?

Ray J: Being a participant is – for me, having to eliminate was really hard. This show, Bad Girls All Star Battle, was a step up from anything before, but for me being in control and guiding them through this whole show and challenge, it took a little bit of pressure off of me. But once I was inside the system and we were actually going through you know the whole process of the show and the challenges and eliminations, you know my heart was beating fast. You know there were emotions flying from left to right and I was definitely involve d in it emotionally because I had to keep everything together or at least try.

What are you most excited for viewers to see on the show?

Ray J: The challenges and you know the eliminations and the nominations. I mean, a way to – you know, the way we have it twisted and turning is just going to send people on a roller coaster ride, and it’s going to wow a lot of people. So I’m excited for people to be able to get this kind of entertainment.

I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the reaction that you’ve been getting to you know your new song and the music video that you put out?

Ray J: It’s been unbelievable. I mean, it charted Number 3 on the R&B charts and in the top 16 on Hip Hop and R&B. You know, for me I’m independent, so it was cool to see it blossom like this in like two weeks, and it’s even crazier that you’re seeing how it’s so opinionated. But for me, we always kept it on the surface of it you know being music, and that’s all it is.

What is the next song coming up for you after “I Hit It First?”

Ray J: “I Hit It First” was so left field, so now, again, making that song was the beginning of a story that I am telling. So now, you know it is time to go into the next phase of it. I can’t really say yes, because the song is so fresh. It’s sort of like the song has been out for like four months, but it’s only been like a few weeks. So I can’t really say yet but it’s going to be explosive.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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