EXCLUSIVE: Stream Mayberry’s New EP “Beautiful Mess” In Full Before Its Release

Happy Thursday, readers!

Today, we have the honor of streaming Mayberry’s upcoming EP, Beautiful Mess one day before its release. Beautiful Mess was co-written and produced by John Keefe and Morgan Dorr of Boys Like Girls. This EP is jam packed with infectious pop hooks and powerful that may remind you of your favorite Boys Like Girls hits!

Beautiful Mess EP Artsm

When asked about the EP, lead singer, Esteban Rodriguez, had a lot to say:
“I’m extremely eager to release Beautiful Mess.  I think this EP showcases who we are today & what Mayberry has become over the last few years. We went into this project with one goal, and that was to write the best music we can. I think this album will appeal to all music lovers in general. There’s a bit of everything in this record, from fun upbeat pop music, to edgy alternative styles & even simple acoustic love ballads. We wear our heart on our sleeves and try to be as honest with our music as possible. I feel like fans can feel the authenticity and emotion in our music, which is why we feel this EP stands out. We’re here to make a statement and we’re in this for the long haul.”

You can stream the EP in its entirety down below. The EP will be available tomorrow, July 22nd, and is still available for pre-order here. Don’t forget to follow Mayberry on Twitter and Instagram as well @Mayberryband.

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