Fifth Harmony Responds To Allegations Against Security Team – Read Now

In the age of social media, rumors involving celebrities and their team spread faster than an album promotion. Fifth Harmony experienced some recent backlash in regards to some of their security team. One of the Harmonizers vocalized her recent interaction with the team, and said they began to inappropriately touch her when she was just trying to see the girls.

The girls of Fifth Harmony obviously have no time for rumors that bash their own team members, especially the ones there to protect them, and have recently tweeted out their statement to clear up any confusion.

They stated: “We have been really busy working and making sure that you guys have as amazing of an experience with us as possible, but we feel like sometimes you forget that there are only 5 of us versus the hundreds of you…” They continued, “We’ve seen all over Twitter outrage over one of our security guards attacking and trying to inappropriately touch one of our fans and we wanted to put out a statement calling out this lie. We were there…”

Read the rest on Fifth Harmony’s twitter account:

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