Find Out Who Made Our Best and Worst Dressed List For the 2015 #AMAs!


We never know what to expect when it comes to the American Music Awards red carpet. Stars are pretty much free to wear anything — it’s not a fancy event, but it’s also not too casual, which always means we find ourselves surprised by some of the outfit choices.

On tonight’s red carpet, we saw a little bit of everything. We saw Joe Jonas sport some blue hair, Gigi Hadid showed off a short hair cut, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato embraced the backless dresses, and Harry Styles was decked out in florals. We even saw a celeb dressed as an octopus.

Of course, we have our list of favorites and you might just be surprised at who made it in our top five. We also had to play fashion police and give a little shout-out to the celebs that didn’t quite pull it off tonight on the red carpet.

Check out our list below.



The guys of 5 Seconds of Summer look cool and casual in their red carpet getup. We love that they mixed it up with both light and dark colors and none of them dressed exactly the same as the other. They know what works for them and they pulled off those button-downs quite nicely. They were definitely one of the best dressed groups on the red carpet tonight.


Gigi Hadid looks absolutely STUNNING in this all-white two-piece. It shows off the perfect amount of skin and complements her curves so well. We just can’t get over how adorable that top is! Also, can we talk about her slicked-back lob? So cute!


Carrie Underwood is blowing us away (pun intended) in this dress. Everyone knows she’s the queen of the red carpet — she never disappoints. We love all of the sparkles and the fact that the dress shows off her best physical asset — her legs! She really does look like a gorgeous queen in this dress.


Nina Dobrev also went with a gorgeous white dress. However, unlike Gigi, she has a little pop of color on the top and we love it. Her outfit is very classy and sleek. We love how these colors look on her and the jacket adds a nice touch to the outfit as a whole. Plus, her shoes are to die for.


How adorable does Kelsea Ballerini look in this jumpsuit? We love the deep v-cut neckline and the colors popping off her outfit. She pulls it all together with matching nails and a clutch and we also love how she styled her hair and did her makeup. She totally slayed in this outfit.




It’s not even a surprise anymore that Justin Bieber comes to award shows dressed like this. He can come dressed as a slice of pizza and he will be the sexiest slice of pizza there. However, that doesn’t mean he should. We just wish he would have dressed a little classier than usual. We’re tired of the oversized t-shirts and ratty jeans. Come on Biebs. Don’t put that gorgeous face to waste.


We’re sorry but what the heck was Gwen Stefani thinking when she put this on. There’s just nothing good about this outfit. She’s been killing it with her look lately and we were expecting so much more from her. The puffy sleeves and bottom of the dress overpower everything else — not that there’s anything else about the outfit to really like. Even her hair just didn’t cut it.


Jenny McCarthy looks like she’s heading back to the North Pole. She honestly looks like she’s trying to be a sexy version of Mrs. Claus and she’s just not pulling it off — or an elf. She definitely looks like an elf. Those boots are just too much too. And that hair? You’re not going to get any younger Jenny no matter how hard you try.


We actually like Ellie Goulding‘s hair tonight. She looks gorgeous with her hair slicked-back and her beautiful face showing, but we can’t get down with this dress. What kind of pattern is this? In no way is it flattering for anyone’s body. We just wish she went with something that had a little more color to it. She can do so much better than a one-sleeved dressed.


No one should ever be allowed to walk on the red carpet with an outfit like this. If this was Halloween, Z LaLa would be crushing it, but girl, you do not show up to the AMAs dressed as an octopus. Just no.

What do you think of our list? Did your favorite outfit make our top 5? Let us know in the comments!

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