Fire And Ice Movie Weekend! (@DisneyAnimation‎ @TheHungerGames)


This weekend was all about the Fire and Ice! Disney’s Frozen took the top spot at the Movie Theaters knocking The Hunger Games: Catching Fire off the TOP Spot after two weeks at the Top.

The new Disney Animated Feature got some love this weekend raking in $31.6 million, a cool $4.6 million more than the previous two-week Box Office Champion Catching Fire. Although the top two films did soar above the competition bringing in 5 times more than the number 3 movie in the box office this weekend.

Per Box Office Mojo:

1. Frozen: $31.6 million

2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: $27 million

3. Out of the Furnace: $5.3 million

4. Thor: The Dark World: $4.7 million

5. Delivery Man: $3.8 million

6. Homefront: $3.4 million

7. The Book Thief: $2.7 million

8. The Best Man Holiday: $2.67 million

9. Philomena: $2.3 million

10. Dallas Buyers Club: $1.5 million

What did YOU go see this weekend?